What's price of Collier de Chien in Europe?

  1. Can someone please tell me what a CDC is going for now in Europe? I'm most interested in croc but would also like to know what box is. Thanks!
  2. The bracelet, belt, or...?
  3. Euro 670 in Paris for 2007
  4. oh my....
  5. u hu. Almost a grand in us dollars
  6. Should have said bracelet - sorry!
  7. Prices differ slightly in Europe due to different VAT rate and location. The best prices would be of course in France:smile:. Germany is also good.
    Matt croc bracelet with ph I saw some time ago was for around 1,200 Euro or slightly more.
  8. 450€ in italy (bracalet)
    1500€ (belt)
  9. if i remember correctly havanne croc gh bracelet was 990euros in paris