whats pram are you getting

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  1. which one are you buying?
  2. We have ordered a Brio Go in gray. It looks a lot like the Bugaboo, but is slightly higher, sturdier and has better springs. It'll arrive sometime in mid-April... :smile:
  3. We have two. The graco one that came with the carseat and a maclaren quest (in pink and charcoal)
  4. Bugaboo Cameleon in pink/sand

  5. Man, I'm so envious of your European prams. So much so I imported some! Never got a brio though! Beautiful stuff!
  6. I still can't decide between the orbit or the bugaboo cameleon in pink/chocolate....
  7. Bugaboo Frog in either red, sand or black.
  8. my initial choice was the cameleon in pink/choc, but the company i've ordered it from kept delaying the delivery till they confessed (2,5 months later!) they are still expecting to get their order from the supplier. So I had to go with whatever they have available in stock! It was actually delivered only yesterday
  9. That's good to know... have you put the stroller together yet? My only worry with the cameleon is the folding and the amt of room it will take up in my SUV. I am sure the sand/pink combo will be pretty! I love the sand but am just worried about it showing dirt!
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    err nope, since we live abroad now, I have everything shipped from the UK.

    But we have tried it before and there is a plenty room for it in our Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

    I'll post the pics once the passenger arrives ;)
  11. We are getting the Bugaboo Cameleon in pink and charcoal!
  12. I just bought an UppaBaby Vista. I didn't have a reversible stroller with bassinet for my first DD (only had a Peg Perego Pliko for the first few months) so I am very excited to use it!
  13. When I have a baby (hopefully) I want a bugaboo I think they r sooo cool
  14. anyone have the emmaljunga combi duo?
  15. Bugaboo frog in red!