What's One Thing Us Pfers Would be Shocked About You?


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Feb 5, 2006
We all have our little secrets. We spend so much time with each other let's divulges at least one thing that no one would have ever thought about you?

I'll start....

As proper as I am, only my true friends know.....I curse like a sailor.:yes:

Yes it's true. It just spills out sometimes. I manage to keep it away from anyone who doesn't know me. But my friends hear it in their ears secretly or the car. Just don't tell my Mom.

I guess I'll tell a few more if someone else admits something.
I have a "thing" for men in suits and glasses. Geek fetish? I don't know. Also, this is less embarrassing (maybe) but I'm insanely good at Minesweeper and it used to consume a good deal of my time.
Here's a good one. I'm a closet slob. If it weren't for the fact that someone comes and cleans my house, people would be disgusted. I just hate cleaning.

One of the many reasons my BF and I don't live together.
I can tie my shoes with one hand. I am really good at Origami (which i also do one-handed). I can type insanely fast (but sometimes not so accurate) also with my right hand only.

I'm also scared of zippers (especially jackets or sweaters - not so much pants)

I also like to steal my boyfriends sweatshirts so i can snuggle up to them at night. It makes me feel like hes here even though i dont see him til the weekends.
i'm an imposter. i only own two bags.

seriously. a luella tote from target that i use for work and lv mono speedy. please don't run me off. :biggrin:

a real little known fact? erm. i always have a bottle of absolute in my freezer. i don't replace it often and i'm not ashamed of it, but the fact that it's there would be shocking to most people. only my hubs, brother and now you all know that. :smile: