What's on your wishlist?

  1. There are two on my wishlist at the moment - the MJ Farridah hobo and the Jaeger Brittania (I think this one bears more than a passing nod to the Balenciaga?)

    What's on your wishlist? Pics please!
    mj.jpg jaeger.jpg
  2. Well, number one and two are the bags I paid for 5 weeks ago and am still waiting on! Here they are:

    [​IMG]and [​IMG]

    I just received two bags I have had on my wishlist for a long time:

    Purple Jimmy Choo Mahala and Prada Antik Cervo Bowler:

    [​IMG]and (I'm borrowing padparasha's picture:smile:


    and what's on my wishlist now:

  3. Ooh the Prada bowler and the Jimmy Choo are gorgeous! You lucky girl.
  4. don't have a pic yet but i really wanted a Chanel Flap - any would do..Naked, Tweed, lambskin,etc...thanks to Saks, I found a gold trimmed Naked Flap on sale, should be here tomorrow:love:
  5. Number one on my list is a Marni Balloon bag in the medium size. I'm not sure what color I want, but here is the shape I like.

  6. ^ Oooh that Marni is pretty
  7. A fendi b-bag and something bottega veneta, maybe a medium hobo. I haven't decided on colors as these purchases are way in the future!
  8. WOW Purseinsanity, those bags are incredible! I would love that Prada Bowler & that gorgeous Jimmy Choo!
    ...unfortunately my budget will allow neither of those two beauties (maybe in another life!!! LOL!) so my current wishlist bag is the Linea Pelle Quilted Dylan Whiskey Bowler:
  9. Cursaloud: What color is that Farridah Hobo? I haven't seen one in that color. It is gorgeous!
  10. LV speedy damier 30
    lamb clutch in all black leather
  11. Not sure yet... Would prefer some timeless classics for a change. LV Daimer Canvas - Speedy 30 or Nolita, maybe...
  12. Actually, I got them both on sale! I had lusted for a JC purple Mahala for months and finally tracked one down in the UK and the best part was it was 50% off! I got the Prada on bluefly. I'm seriously considering returning it, as much as I love it, because it's a little big.
  13. Am I allowed to say the entire BE and Balenciaga line? :biggrin:

    More specifically (that's never fun!) LV Neverfull, BE LMM and SM (I'm thinking grey and red), miu miu bow satchel, a black balenciaga hobo, and violet balenciaga first.

    Plus all the ones listed below :biggrin:
  14. LV Amarante Reade PM

    Black Chanel PST or E/W Flap

  15. Lots of stuff!

    Marc Jacobs Stam Bag - I would love it in Truffle, Teal or Topaz, Tangerine, Berry

    Marc Jacobs Venetia in White and a nice shade of brown

    Marc Jacobs Stella in White and Brown

    I would think the Francesco Biasia patent bags are nice.

    and lots of other MJ bags!