What's on your wish list?

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  1. I noticed that my wish list for Tokidoki keeps growing. I thought I could just be content with the one I have and then I put in an order for the Pirata Giocco and now I want more. Yikes! And now my Tokidoki wish list just grew from 1 more item (pirata) to four.

    What's on your Tokidoki wish list to acquire?
  2. I know I need two Lunas since I have two kids (they can hold one each when we travel, lol. My excuse to hubby for buying two. I wonder if that means I need two Giocos?)


    Citta - Luna
    Pirata - Gioco (already ordered from Pulse)
    Spiaggia - Luna or Gioco or Zucca or Caramella or Ciao Ciao
    Transporto - Luna or Gioco or Zucca or Caramella
  3. I'm hoping to get an amore bella now. I cancelled my order for the gioco.

    My pirata gioco isn''t gonna work for me.
  4. Ah, so sorry. How exciting to be getting an amore. I am not sure what style I want in amore yet so I am waiting to see if there are any more previews or bag pics. Anything else on your wish list?
  5. I was thinking about getting the cammo olive in bella bella and a playground bella. Still thinking about it though. There are some other bags that I'd like to get that are not Tokis.
  6. Do you not like gioco? Its not my favorite either, I've only used mine a handful of times.

    I want a bella bella playground and possibly a bella bella in olive cammo. Olive cammo is the only print I have nothing in and I want something in every print. The only other item I really want right now is a foresta caramella. I'm going to get a zucca and a caramella in amore but I have no idea what I want in the other future prints.
  7. My wish list is ever growing too! Right now though, these are the only ones I'm actively searching for:

    Citta Rosa - Zucca or Caramella with Popcorn guy
    Foresta - Caramella

    Spiaggia - Caramella with Blue Cactus Kitty!
    Trasporto - Maybe, need to see it in person

    Black Widow - they have Playground Bella Bellas at the outlets for a good price. I think Southhampton still has the Bella.
  8. Hmmm, I thought I was crazy because my tokidoki list is growing even longer after I got some :sweatdrop: . But I can see that I have many friends!:p

    Foresta - something which has a pair of brown bigfoot-looking animals hiding behind tree (I'm not sure whats that called, please let me know if you know their name)
    Amore - zucca
    Spiaggia- dolce
    Tutti - canguro
    Transporto - still unsure....hopefully they release a new style that I like
  9. hm... my wishlist is growing too.

    original print - something small, like a mini bag, or an angioletto
    playground - same
    amore - not sure yet. maybe just a caramella, or a denaro if it has the perfect placement. I don't like amore that much
    spagiaa - I think I'm gonna get the BV for this one, so I can use it as a beach bag!!! plus I love this print, so I want all of it!
    transporto - not sure what, but I want something!

    other stuff - I want a silver bullet necklace. and maybe a sweatshirt, but I haven't seen one I have to have yet.
  10. I *just* made a tokidoki list the other day. :biggrin:

    (These aren't in any order of course, I want them all)

    1. Spiaggia in maybe dolce
    2. Bianco in bella
    3. Mozzarella t
    4. The bracelet
    5. Inferno in a small bag
  11. For the spiaggia, as long as I have the hula girl on there, I will be happy. Oh, I also want the entire Moofia gang and perhaps the charm bracelet and might as well add on the Cactus love set and a hoodie, not sure which one yet either. Enough already!
  12. 1) Original in anything except the bags with pockets (Campeggio, Stellino, etc) I *love* the original print and want it desperately....
    2) Inferno in something small like Canguro or Bella. I like the colors in Inferno more than the actual print.
    3) Amore in something big like a BV or Zucca.
    4)Adios but it's more about the print than the style. Maybe Ciao if it was *perfect*
  13. Well, fyi...I just called the Colo. Springs Macys this morning, a really nice lady named Lisa said they had 2 citta lunas left on clearance and they were ringing up $110 each. (719) 597-7246 She said about $10 to ship + tax and she was willing to do an addt'l 15% off because I had a coupon. I wasn't interested in that size so I didn't buy one but you may need to mark it off of your list!
  14. Bahahaha, I was reading through the tokidoki group on Livejournal, and my husband saw Amore -- he made me back up so he could look at it.

    I say, I'd like it a lot if it didn't have hearts in the background...he says "well, you could get something smaller in it with a couple of your favourite characters."

    And he calls me crazy. :love:
  15. My wish list:

    original bella bella (coming next week can't WAIT!)
    citta rosa- caramella (coming in a few days)
    amore- dolce & campeggio (one huge to get all cuties and one small to carry in my other big bags!) on preorder
    Latte and momo necklaces
    pink cammo new era cap
    toki pins (the 6 you get free from metropark..i saw a pic of those and they are the characters I want but I haven't seen that set for sale on toki website...anyone know where I can buy those? )

    I have to see better pictures of the future prints but I am interested in transporto and possibly spiaggia if the colors are bright!:drool: