What's on your Wish List? 3 bags...

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  1. Now that I'm seeing all these bag posts in the forum, my wish list is getting a bit long so I wanted to TRY and narrow it down to 3. It was really, really hard!

    As you see, most are darker bags... I think I'm done with Spring/Summer colors. Back to my comfort zone. :smile:

    What's on your wish list? :thinking:

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  2. Ohh I like the croco one a lot! Which color is that? The brown t-moro? Love the contrast!

    My wish list: rouge toledo (not sure which style), violet flo satchel, white camilla (which is now out of stock! :sad: and aqua logo lock.

    I guess I really like bright colors! :cool:
  3. The Croco is Taupe. It's really pretty in person.

    Oooow... I love your wish list!!! especially the Logo Lock! :smile: Thanks for sharing your wish list.
  4. Oh I didn't realize it came in taupe! It is very pretty! That should be on the top of your wish list! Is it on the dooney outlet site? They were having a special on the croco collection but i think they didn't have much left. Maybe a boutique is having a special price? Or you could wait for Macy's F&F!
  5. What a fun thread to start! I am looking to add these beauties to my collection:




  6. I checked Ilovedooney his morning and it looks like the regular Croco is the only style that is included in he special. The Croco fino is not. :sad: however, the bright side is the Croco fino was at 65% off at the outlet last weekend when I was there. I believe that makes the satchel come in at around $137! I'm kicking myself because they had the taupe which has been on my wish list for awhile now. I'm just not sure because I'm torn between the florentine satchel in taupe or the Croco fino.

  7. Nice picks Pecan. I'm going to have to think about this for a little bit. This will be tough. However did you see my comment about the Croco fino? Didn't you say you were going to the outlet this weekend? Actually two of your wish list bags are at deep discounts. The Toledos were at the back of the store with signs "priced as marked". They were really low, but I don't remember exactly. I think the mail satchel in that color was there too!
  8. Ok here goes....but this will probably change tomorrow. :smile:. I'm actually torn between a few colors in the florentine satchel, but today's obsession seems to be the taupe. I teeter between taupe, Ivy, crimson, ocean, aqua, and violet.

  9. If I Had To Choose 3 Bags To Add To My Collection, They Would Be:

    Caimen Camilla Bag
    Alto Zip Zip Satchel
    Dillen Chelsea Shopper

    This One!.png
  10. Yes, I first saw it in Taupe on the Q, then at the outlet put passed on it for the Toledo Satchel. Yes, it's pretty close to the top. The outlet had it for 30% off but the
    Toledo Satchel trumped it... Well that day it did. :smile: I haven't seen it at Macy's but maybe I should check?
  11. Oh WOW... All 3 lovely bags. I'm in love with the Caimen Camilla.

    By the time, I see you alls top 3, my list may change a few times. LOL. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  12. LOL... My list will probably change too. You guys are giving me some good ideas. I'm the same too... I struggle with colors. Hard decision to make. I've been eyeing the taupe too in any bag. It's such a beautiful color.

    Beautiful, and beautiful again... Is the last bag Italian Leather? Ive been sleeping on those lately. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Yes, I'm a bit behind on messages. I was watching YouTube most of the night. Sighing. LOL...

    Yes, I plan to go this weekend but it's not set in stone yet. But now that you say that, I may have to sneak away. I'm suppose to be on a bag freeze but.... I i can get the mail satchel, I'll be satisfied for awhile and the freeze wouldn't be so bad.
  14. Around $137????? NO WAY!!! I'm calling tomorrow to see if they have and can hold for me. OMG, that would be awesome. I love the taupe, cognac (like u have) and the Ivy in that bag.
  15. Very nice picks!!! Yeah, i thought this would be a fun thread for us to drool over. LOL. The first bag is really pretty. I love that Dooney has that Italian Leather. I want to try one of those out too. the leather just seems real thin. Is it? I can't remember if i even noticed those last time I was at outlet. Thanks for sharing!