what's on your want list?

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  1. What are the next few things on your want list? Not the dream list, but list that might actually be attainable (i.e. my heremes birkin in red croc :nuts: doesn't count)!:lol: Mine is constantly morphing (and growing longer:wacko: ) the longer I hang around here and learn about new designers. Just wanted to see what everyone else is waiting to buy! My list:

    -damier papillon 30
    -andrea brueckner med saddle bag in black
    -hayden harnett mercer triple in luggage
    -hayden harnett mercer clutch in luggage
    -hayden harnett tokyo clutch in bronze
    -chanel cambon black patent on black either tote or bowling bag
    -chanel cambon black patent on black wallet (hopefully the french)
    -kooba scarlett/sienna in cream
    -black epi lussac
    -an lv bucket (haven't decided which line) or damier saleya pm
    -bv ball bag
    -a chocolate guccissima (not sure which one, but i did try on the large horsebit hobo and it was divine!)

    oi...last month i didn't know who hh was, now i want three of their bags! i refuse to go onto the chloe or b-bag threads becuase i canNOT afford to get addicted (yet!) as you can see from my list.
  2. Birkin, everything else can wait :lol: Attainable now, probably the bicolor box or if I stretch it the ostrich :biggrin: All depends on whats available though.
  3. Chloe edith
    Birkin (meeting someone on Sunday and taking her Birkin to Hermes to have it "checked" out)
  4. Chanel caviar tote
  5. Mine aren't TOO extravagant.
    I want a red Gaucho and a swanky Chanel - either a reisuue or a good, roomy tote. And wallets to match!
  6. LV Speey 30
    LV Zippy Organizer
    LV Adgenda
    Chanel Cambon Tote
  7. Wow - that's quite a list!

    For me, the only thing I want now is a Kelly. I've gotten everything I want - I think?
  8. yeah...it is, unfortunately for my wallet. i'm a newbie to this addiction and i feel like i have so far to catch up LOL!!:P My fiance is NOT liking my new addiction! i'm looking to try to get these within a year or so (trying to be reasonable!;) ) and hopefully the list growth will slow by then and i can get down to only a maybe 2 or 3 on the list!:amuse:
  9. As of today (my wish list changes all the time :lol:):

    LV poppincourt
    LV manhattan PM
    LV epi jasmin in black
    LV damier alma
    LV epi wallet in red
    Balenciaga rouge first
    Balenciaga black first or city
  10. Sounds just like my list! I am dying for a Gaucho and would love a Chanel!! :love:
  11. The only bag I really really want right now is a Fendi Spy Bowler in Brown. I don't think that will be happening anytime soon though.
  12. right now my list isn't that long. i'm more of a window shopper/oogler when it comes to bags. :smile:

    mono speedy 30
    a new wallet in red. maybe LV mono, but probably from monsac
    LV red epi or mono agenda

    that's about it for now. the rest i'm still deciding whether i *really* want them...i want a keepall, but don't travel enough to justify it...if i can find a good deal on a used one on ebay, i might get one.
    i need some kind of evening clutch but haven't found the right one yet. that search has been going on for years. :smile: i kind of like the pouchette cles, but haven't decided how practical it is yet. etc. etc. etc. :smile:
  13. I really want another Bbag, dont even know which one I want. City for sure. And I would like the LV white MC small agenda. I think I have been doing way too much shopping lately. My want list is really narrowing down. :smile:
  14. -Fendi spy
    -LV epi speedy (blue)
    -LV speedy 25
    -Any Balenciaga
  15. Hermes Birkin, kelly and Bolide
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