What's on your Want List?

  1. Is there anything you're just dying to have?
    Any 3 or 5 even?
    What are they? Why don't you have them?

    I'm DYING for a red bag. . . but the right red on the right bag seems SO impossible!
    If I could just get into the Chanel workroom I'd make me up the bestest bag evah!!!:lol:
  2. I WANT the Miu Miu Coffer in black leather and a Coco Cabas in any color that I can get my hands on! :heart: :yes: But I must save up until after Christmas to get them (that is if they're available then.)
  3. I always have a list going but right now I'm obsessed over the red LV Squichy :hysteric: They were limited plus there's no LV in Iceland so the only way to get it is to pay a jacked up price on eBay.
  4. ooooh, what's that?
    Have a photo?
  5. BV and Lanvin - but ALL bags will have to wait until after Christmas - gotta concentrate on family gifts right now.
  6. I want my first LV bag!
    I am leaning towards the Suhali Lockit PM in black.
    Still saving though...............:sweatdrop:
  7. Was that for me?

    If so here's one from an eBay auction I'm watching, I love how unusual it is!
  8. Oooh, that IS a cool bag!:yes:
  9. For some reason I really want a beige Chanel GST. I know it is not a real exotic bag, but I have seen a couple IRL over the last months and really like it.
  10. I don't think I'll be able to resist it and it's gonna cost me bringing hubby breakfast in bed for the rest of the year, I've been shopping up a storm lately :Push:
  11. Another Bottega, probably in a spring color. I'll be in Chicago in a week and will visit the shop to look. I hope they have the next season's styles in.
  12. Well even though I am a diehard LV girl I would LOVE a Chanel classic flap bag *eventually*

    I also really would like the new Damier Azur Speedy and the regular Damier Saleya GM:smile:
  13. I want a Balenciaga First & Make Up Clutch in red camel or black. A mini Chloe paddington - the one that looks like a clutch & a LV MC Pochette MM or GM.

    I should be getting something from BalNY on the 14th. (Hopefully)
    I might buy the mini Chloe from someone on eBay tomorrow.
    If I do that will hurt my pocket when it comes to buying the Bbag I want.
    I can wait for the LV MC Pochette. I'm not in a rush I just ordered the Azur mini Pochette.
  14. Ditto Swanky! I NEED a red chanel but I cannot seem to get my hands on one! I NEED MK's red jumbo lambskin flap.
  15. I want several LV bags: Cherry Blossom papillon in Pink/Pink, Soufflot in black with gold hardware, Conte de Fees musette in Nuit, Cerises Speedy and Some Chanel bags: Black Diamond Shine Flap, Medium Black Lambskin Classic Flap, Pink Lambskin Heart Chain Classic Flap, Ivory or White East/West Flap. It's been hard to get most of the items on my list because most are now discontinued and difficult to get in Brand new/mint with tags condition. Plus, I am currently on a purse ban. :P
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