What's on your VCA wish list?

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  1. before the next price increase i'd love to buy the magic Alhambra sautoir n white, grey MOP, onyx.... what about you ladies?
  2. a sweet alhambra bracleet in yellow gold with a mother of pearl 😍
  3. Sweet diamond and WG bracelet, single motif!
  4. Perlee Diamond Clover Bracelet in YG
  5. Another 5 motif bracelet, this time in a colored stone like Carnelian or Malachite.

    Long Pendant in Turquoise if they ever made one! OMG that would be amazing!

    Looking for new earrings, maybe a pair of supers in Onyx.
  6. Sweet Alhambra clover studs in MOP/YG to wear this summer!
  7. OMG I would love a long Turquoise pendant in ghw!

  8. You two are most definitely dreaming on that turquoise magic pendant. LOL
    It would be amazing though!
  9. I would love to get the 6 motif magic necklace in white gold and a watch...after that my collection will be complete :smile:

  10. This is what I would LOVE! I am also wanting a 5 motif turquoise bracelet.
    Why do we always want what is the hardest to get?
  11. Oh my, I'd love a long Magic turquoise in GHW! Since that's not likely, the only thing on my VCA wish list is the long Magic diamond pendant. But, I was very bad lately, and can't manage it this year. :sad:
  12. I've already called to inquire about a long magic pendant in turquoise with yellow gold and they laughed at me :tdown:

    Maybe if we all call they will listen instead of laugh!
  13. I am loving the Butterfly collection. I want the BTF ring in Pink Gold with Diamonds and MOP. I think it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. You know how it is...I must have this ring. It would coordinate with my jewelry collection so well.
  14. I only have 2 VCA pieces so far, so my wish list is long! Next up are the Sweet Alhambra carnelian ear studs (which I should have gotten for my very first VCA purchase), and then either the Magic Alhambra long pendant in carnelian or the 16 motif Sweet Alhambra rose gold necklace.
  15. +1;)