What's on Your To Do List ?

  1. This is what is on my "To Do List"

    I have to re paint one of the bedrooms (its blue , now we don't like it )
    Take Nickelodeon to the beauty parlor
    Call my Parents in England
    Clean out my desk
    Reorganize my Planner
    Buy some more light bulbs
    Go to M & J Trimmings also Mood Fabrics.

    That's whats on my list whats on yours ?
  2. Food shopping (the refrigerator is seriously empty except for the baby's food)

    finish my lesson plans for next week (and then xerox them and organize supplies/materials at school)

    clean/pickup the family room

    pay bills

    do laundry

    yuck, I have a lot to do!!!
  3. Just waiting for a call to drop off some $$ to get tire for the Bmw, then make arrangments to have those put on the new rims.

    Otherwise just tidying up the house today.
  4. Pay bills :suspiciou
  5. Right now, it's, get off the computer and go to work!! :lol:
  6. LOL!

    I need to go do laundry, and pack for my trip to LA tomorrow! SO excited, but hate packing, especially now that I have to pack for a 10 month old. He is going to have more luggage than my DH or me!:P
  7. jag-

    good luck packing for Ben. We just went away for 2 days and it looked like we were leaving for a month with all of Dylan's stuff!

    Have fun in LA!!! Don't shop too much (save something for NYC!)
  8. food shopping
    renew my nursing license
    cancel my auto insurance
    start packing
  9. Save up enough $ to wire it to parents in one swoop (so I get charged a wiring fee once instead of every few months)
    Make 6 or 7 batches of soap
    Clear apartment more (did cleaning yesterday)
    Anticipate and pay bills that are due (most of them haven't come yet)
  10. Thank you!!! I am seriously a nervous wreck! I just cannot believe how much crap a little kid needs- it is hysterical! Won't shop too much, I promise :lol:, there is always something left for NYC!!! Give Dylan a big hug!
  11. dissertation
    progress notes
    termination reports
    read up on some articles
    watch Gilmore Girls

    to be done after I finish work at 5 of course.. then I guess, we can count sleep in there as well...
  12. Re-arrange a parcel delivery because I missed it when I was at work, its a late birthday present but I have no idea what it could be :S
    Eat Dinner
    Have a bath and wash hair.
    Watch Eastenders
    Set a tape for LOST because I can no longer stay up that late!
    Go to bed :biggrin:
  13. I love M & J Trimming =D..they have the coolest fabrics their.

    My To Do list is

    Study for SAT's
    Clean Closet
    Get Working papers
    get job application
    study math test
    buy leave in conditioner
    get new lip gloss
    get mancure
  14. Hunt for Mr Postman.
    Food shopping
    WINDOW shopping
    Clean my pig sty of a room
  15. who is this ?? a cool name

    I need to finish my work
    I should go get me a mani and pedi , but may hold off on that
    Need to call my sis