Whats on your spring wishlist?

  1. anyone wanna know what i want? and feel free to put up your wishlist too! okay so i am really confused about the scribble stuff- and anyone know about hamptons weekend? i love that! also i saw a scribble/watercolor thing...lol which i sort of liked.... here is what i am thinking- subject to change with whatever styles they come out with- I want a large hobo in either scribble or hampton's weekend- or watercolor if it isn't in the print some one found a picture of- also possibly a large tote.......hehehe and if the water color eh creation is the same than i want it in a wristlet and not a bag :smile: and of course first i'd like to win the lotto to buy it all! so what are you guys dreaming of?
  2. I am dreaming of a money tree in my backyard...
  3. wow thats hard, i want a few things, but like you said megan, i wish i could win the lotto and feed my COACH addiction even more! LOL... I really would like all the accessories that would match my XL heritage stripe satchel (zip around wallet, makeup bag, coin purse, wristlet) I'm starting to like the tatersall collection also... wouldn't mind getting one of those totes.. :smile:
  4. LOL mokoni! haha... I am as well! :lol::upsidedown:
  5. On my wishlist right now (for PCE probably):
    Tattersall oblong scarf
    Ergo large leather pebbled hobo in white
    Ergo pebbled leather French purse in white
    Lily leather medium satchel in black

    The Lily is a stretch but I'm definitely getting the first three during PCE...
  6. meganlovescoach! where have you been!!!

    The only thing calling my name is the new scribble maybe a hobo (it has purple in it!)

    and the new watercolor optic
  7. I know! i have been away for ever and i've been dying from it! but see my computer died, and so now i can only get on sporadically... so until i get the tax return and buy a new laptop......:sad: and on top of that i am starting nursing school on thursday, so i will work from 8 ish to 4:30 ish or 5 and then be at school from 5:30 to 10 ish every day, until i start clinicals and then i won't even have weekends! for the next 18 months!!! i must be really crazy....... but never fear i will be back! lol and i missed you guys and i have so much to catch up on!
  8. LOL, instead of cherry blossoms!

    I would like to see the large Carly in more colors! Although ,I asked my SA and I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.
    So , on my wishlist , hmm.... I like the new tattersall tote.
  9. I want TOO much! This is my spring/summer wishlist:

    Heritage stripe tote
    butterfly key fob
    strawberry key fob
    coach sunnies
    bleecker wristlet~grass green
    and someday......black ALI!!:nuts:
  10. LOL....if you dream up one, could you plant one in my yard too??!!! LOL.... I really love the camel medium lily (too expensive) and I really like the new Thompson patchwork posted from the new catalog (too expensive)....:tdown: MAYBE....big maybe but if I get a PCE card I might be able to swing it and get one of them, but the guilt would set in and then whats the point if I can't enjoy it! ahhhhh......wish I had cheaper taste! LOL :lol:
  11. I'd like:

    The Motif wristlet
    and the LG Shoulder Stripe Tote in brown!

  12. lol they sell "money trees" at costco.... :yes::lol:
  13. I just picked up the cataloge today and I like the new Bleeker Canvas bags (look like the heritage stripe without all the Cs but not coated) I'm wondering how much of a pain this bag would be to keep clean - I wish it was coated like the heritage stripe.
  14. All I'm lusting after now is the large khaki/bronze Carly and the small Heritage Stripe tote in green......and about 5 pair of shoes that I saw in the look book the other day.
  15. I'm looking forward to the new colorful (scribble)bags and sandals.