What's on your PET'S mind? Random pet thoughts

  1. Here is a place to post what you think your pet is thinking. I'll start:

    • Eat
    • Sleep
    • Rest
    • Lounge
    • Play
    • Chase Birds
    • Catch Bugs and put them in Mom’s shoes
    • Eat
    • Nap
    • Doze
    • Eat
    • Restroom break
    • Jump on counters
    • Bite a few people (as time permits)
    • Eat some more
    • Break time
    • Explore
    Beg for more food
    Scratch stuff
    Destroy all random papers in the house
    Sit on the dining room table

    What…??!! So I didn’t complete my "to do" list. I’m only one cat!!! I can’t do everything! :sweatdrop: Sheesh!!!
  2. Both dogs:
    "Mmmm, sunspot."

    Kizzy thinks, "Yes! They're asleep. I can hop up on the bed now!"

    Ginger thinks, "Please feed me more, kthanks."
  3. Food, food, food, sleep, sleep, food, sleep, cuddle, food, want to chew my tail, want to lick myself, food, food, sleep, food, food, food, gotta poop, gotta pee, food, food, more food!
  4. [I'm cat sitting for my folks this week...] He wakes up from a nap and thinks "man, I should have been in the dining room 10 minutes ago" and dashes off. Hilarious!
  5. Beware the wrath of the CAT-meister! All flies, gnats, fireflies, mosquitos, bees and spiders: Tread ye not on my porch. Death to all bugs! Mwooahhaaa, mwooahahaaaa!!! Mwoohaahaahaahaa.... uh...

    Um... Oh, hi mommy! Is it dinner-time already?

    I'll be back you infidels!!!
  6. OMG!!! Mommy has kicked me out of the bedroom and SHUT THE DOOR!!!!! OH NO!!! Help help help help help!!!!!! Somebody PLEEEEEEEEEEZE let me in!!!! I'm gonna DDDDIIIIIEEEE!!!! if I don't get back in the bedroom RIGHT NOW!!!!! OH NO OH NO OH NO OH----wait a second, did I just hear a can of cat food being opened?? YAY!!! It's kittycat suppertime!!!!
  7. dog: whens breakfast?
    cat: can you guys please turn off the t.v.?
  8. my chi's are thinking, cookie cookie cookie cookie.
  9. My BF is probably just leaving the house to take his son to practice, so Ollie (our 3 year old mini dachshund) is probably thinking:

    He's going somewhere, let me head to the door! If I stay at the door this time, he'll know that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go with him! All I have to do is act excited and wag my tail, and he'll take me this time, I KNOW he will! They're about to open the door! I can squeeze out before the door closes! I don't want to stay here by myself again!

    Sammy (our 10 week old mini dachshund), who is healing from an illness and is being kept for observation at the vet's office for the past five days is probably thinking:

    *whimper* I want to go home! I don't like this place! *whimper* I don't like the bad lady she keeps sticking me! My face hurts! I want my human daddy and my dog brother! Will they come and take me home today? *whimper *
  10. Chewie! Chewie!


  11. Cat: Sleep, sleep, sleep. Get up, walk around the room and pick another place to sleep. Repeat. Maybe eat for a change. Oh no, that's too hard, I just wanna go back to sleep. And sleep again.
  12. Dog (My year old JUG Cocoa) "I know she got those treats hidden in the upper cabinet...if I could just reach, I'm so short, let me go give her the sad to the side face and she will fall in my trap"
  13. Hey, Toots! Go get me a beer!

    drunk cat.JPG
  14. I think Eclair's constant thought is Mommy...where are you going mommy...take me too mommy, don't leave me!!!! Faye: sleeeeep
  15. A day in the life of my dog Pearl:

    When is breakfast?

    I want a tummy rub.

    Leave me alone while I nap.

    Sunbathing on the deck is the bomb!

    Oooh, squirrel! Must run around like tough dog defending property.

    When is dinner?

    I want an ear rub.

    Bark at UPS man.

    I wannna go on a walk, I wannna go on a walk, I wannna go on a walk!

    Must pee on every bush/blade of grass while on walk.

    Bed time now, and I can't wait for breakfast.