What's on your Papillon ?

  1. Hi,

    I know there are quite a few threads about what you have on your LV or how you decorate your babies, but I could not find specific thread on Damier Pap 30.

    I used to have Coach Key fob on and now I am looking for something else. I really appreciate it if you'll show me some pictures of your Paps with your personal touch !!! :yahoo:

  2. heres my Damier pap 26
    Papillon with pastilles.jpg
  3. :p
  4. i tried putting one of my Inclusion Speedy Keychains on my Damier Papillon 30, but it looked weird :hrmm:
  5. I have coach zodiac symbol on mine right now, had my cles on it, but it just looks funny!
  6. Hmm...I have a pap 26 but because of its shape I didn't put anything on it. I'll try putting some things on tonight and take some pix.
  7. Here's my Papillon :love:

  8. Thanks ladies !

    littlepanda> handmade? cute !

    I know Cles looks weird on Pap. Key chains are gorgeous ! Now I start thinking I should have gotten 26 instead of 30. I liked mini-pap on it but I do not use it any more and it's sitting in my closet alone.... Alas !
  9. That is SO cute. What kind of charm is that?? It's just perfect. Doesnt take away from the bag at all and isnt too busy added to the shape.
    I had a mono 26 as my first LV and so miss the hot dog bag (as everyone at work called it), I think a damier 30 is my next must have bag!