What's on your mouse pad?

  1. Home: map of the world
    Work: Colorado Avalanche logo (hockey fan!)
  2. Home:
  3. Home: Picture
    Work: Corporate Logo
  4. Ok - my computer is going nuts....what I'm trying to say is

    Home: picture of tiger
    work: corporate logo

    Sorry for the extra posts everyone!
  5. Commander Benchmark and the Superlearners (say WHAT!?):nuts:

    My husband wrote much of the software for this product. I used to have the Lion King mousepad which I inherited from my daughter.:lol:
  6. Erm.. advertisement for chartered accountants, I'm too cheap to actually buy one !
  7. Home : none (we rely solely on our laptop at this point)
    Work: dark grey (boring I know)
  8. EEK Sorry for the double post I clicked one too many times. lol
  9. No mouse pad here!
    (I stopped using those when they came out with the optical mouse! BUT, when I did have a mouse pad, it was always solid black. I wasn't a big fan of advertisements or pictures.)
  10. my mouse pad has Van Gogh's Starry Night , He's one of my Favorite Impressionists . I love all his work at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris:love:
  11. An awesomely cute penguin!
  12. No mouse pad... I use a mouse that has the little ball for your thumb for navigation...
  13. my mouse pad has a big yellow smiley on it...i love love smilies
  14. dont have a mouse pad, I have an optical mouse.
  15. Home: white mousepad from Ikea
    Work: Dell logo