What's on your mind (random thoughts)?

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  1. My breakfast break is over in 5. Not long enough to even finish my cup of tea.
  2. I wonder how much longer we'll have this beautiful weather.
  3. I need to stop eating these mints like they're going out of fashion.
    5+5+5+... calories = ???
    Plus it can't be good for my teeth. Minty fresh breath but really...
  4. How is it possible to break 4 nails in one day??????
  5. Would it bad to tell her over the phone? Then again, do I really care?
  6. Phew, first day of school is done. I'm sooo exhausted. Sleepy. Late classes are more tiring than I thought. Oh well.
  7. I'm so glad Twyla called me to go skate skiing with her today.
  8. Why do people need to complain so much?
  9. i better get crackin on the long biology study guide >.<
  10. *Hyperventilating* Part 1 of math midterm done with. Part 2 is another story!!!!! Soooo nervous!!!
  11. I hope we find out soon.
  12. I should be asleep right now... :cloud9:
  13. When will sleep bless me with it's presence?
  14. Stop leaving your cup "soaking" under the hot tap! Just wash it and move it out of everyone else's way :cursing:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.