What's on your mind? Random thoughts continued!

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  1. headache: go away!
  2. She is so corny..it's laughable! :lolots:
  3. Monday evening I was just telling you I loved you and would see you soon and now you're gone. This can't be life right now :cry:
  4. ^:hugs:

    great swim
  5. Five bucks it won't happen.
  6. Collecting my new car.
  7. There is more moaning / grunting happening in this tennis match than in most Pornos!!
  8. Almost Friday...thank goodness.
  9. Dang they sold out already!
  10. how some people have absolutely ZERO tact!
  11. It sounds like horses running around upstairs!
  12. Must be nice..
  13. I hope I have some good luck tonight
  14. got to remember that tomorrow
  15. rebecca soni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.