What's on your LV wish list for valentines day?

  1. mine's the mirage speedy, wish DH is reading this thread:woohoo:
  2. Mine is the Suhali Lockit in Verone or Blue.. :heart: oh, and the gold miroir cosmetic pouch...
  3. a damier speedy or something in epi leather:smile:
  4. my bday is 5 days b4.. so my bf is getting me the damier speedy 30. for v-day all i want is candy (=

    and i think im gonna purchase a bag charm for myself
  5. Im not asking for much - an Inclusion bangle! :cutesy:
  6. I got my wish, I am getting a Neverfull MM on Valentine's Day, I can't wait.
  7. a sac rayures with the blue & white racing stripes
  8. I really want a MC 4- key chain holder... I"ve been hinting hard too.. but bf says no... :sad:
  9. I want a Deauville and a Suhali Lockit GM in Black :sad:... I won't be getting the Lockit for atleast another month :sad:
  10. Anything Damier Azur.
  11. I already got my gift......the heart coin purse in violette from DH and a ring that says LOVE from my kids.
  12. *he* got me the pomme heart coin purse and i think that's probably it...
  13. SO many things! lol! i want the Mahina XS (not gonna happen), the Monteguiel (however you spell it, not gonna happen), and pastilles charm (not gonna happen)!!!!!!!!!! oh well a girl can dream, right?
  14. GOld coin purse (boo to the SA who took it off hold, yes I"m still bitter haha) -
    trevi (yes I know it's sold out sigh)
  15. Monogram Shawl!! :biggrin: