What's on your list to get right now?

  1. What are the things you need the most? (or for those of you who are way past the point of need... want the most? LOL)

    My most legitimate needs are:

    -More tops that aren't T-shirts or sweaters (I have ALWAYS had a bad tendency to neglect this area... need to branch out!)
    -Some wrap dresses (have one, want more!)
    -A bigger black work tote
    -Brown ankle boots
    -A brown or camel winter coat. :yes:
  2. My North Face coat for the winter
    Some more Paige and Citizen jeans
  3. I need a few new pairs of jeans. (skinny jeans)
    I'm interested in adding some new jewelery, necklaces and bracelets mostly.
    I'd like to buy a few new dresses...sexy and cute.
    I'm looking for a new pair of brown boots with a stacked heel that is not too high, which is hard to find when my price range is not $500 and over.
  4. I could really use one or 2 more pairs of perfect fitting jeans {couldn't we all!} and a plain black cami for layering - for whatever reason I can't find one!{?}.
  5. I could use a couple sweater dresses.
    I am also looking to get 5 inch black louboutin wedges because my prada black wedges were stolen at the Waldorf Astoria this past summer, i miss them!
  6. Try Mary Green for the cami- I love hers. :yes:
  7. Cashmere sweater dresses and Fendi patent leather flats.
  8. I wil buy this stuff as soon as I go to Dubai to celebrate Christmas:

    -Black Boots by Sergio Rossi
    -Cashmere stole Loro Piana in tan
    -Chanel 2.55 black caviar medium model silver h.w
    -Lots of cheap & fun stuff from H&M
    -Cashmere wrap cardigan from Club Monaco
    -Biotherm skincare ( they don't sell this brand in Bahrain:sad: )
  9. This is what I need (notice they are all classics!)

    black leather knee high pointy toe stiletto boots
    brown leather knee high pointy toe stiletto boots
    black wool trousers
    gray wool trousers
    brown wool trousers
    black wool pencil skirt
    plain white button down shirt (a couple of these) (preferrably French cuffs)
    Louboutin Pigalle in black patent
    Louboutin Pigalle in fuschia lace
    black tights
    some sort of large black frame purse
  10. Sonya I bought a plain white button down shirt with french cuffs on Victoriassecret.com and they fit very well. I do recommend them and they are not expensive. They eve come with crystal cuff links.
  11. *DVF wrap dresses
    *Patent high boots-Manolo's
    *Chanel Jumbo Caviar
    *Burberry 3/4 length coat
    *hmm maybe a nice fitting Shirt Dress (really cute one at VALENTINO) but need more $$$$ for this one. hehehe

    Hopefully I can grab all these before the Christmas rush.

  12. Thanks Minnie. :flowers:

    We have a similar body type. I can never find shirts that don't gap between the buttons.

    I'll check it out!
  13. Sound like my list as well, great taste :yes:

  14. • flat leather boots (in tan or black)
    • vintage dresses to wear on top of pants
    • vintage necklaces & bracelets
    • cute tees (preferably not in usual cuts)
    • marni's dresses
    • big leather bag (between balenciaga weekender or chanel coco cabas XL)
  15. a few more cashmere sweaters
    skinny black jeans
    tall black boots
    think that's it, i've done a lot of shopping lately