What's on your list? Me- Bulga

  1. Just curious to see what everyone is itching to own. Someone was kind enough to post a picture of the Bulga Double Pocket Satchel. OMG, I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

    However, I just purchased the B Day bag yesterday, I haven't even used it yet (it's snowing here today and I didn't want to cause any damage). I certainly don't need that bag...and I have to get rid of my current stash.....but I really love the look of this bag. It seems so soft and nice. Sigh.... Maybe if I find it on sale, somewhere.....

    What about you guys?
  2. I have been eyeing the Botkier East-West satchel ever since seeing a pic.......
  3. I have been eyeing the Botkier Essex East-West satchel ever since seeing a pic.......
  4. As hard as it is to believe - I'm really wanting a Dooney & Bourke - Maybe I want it cos I can't have it! No stockists in the UK.
  5. Hi Judie, I have several Bulga handbags and the leather is so soft! Try Label360 - Designer handbags, shoes and accessories. and use the code "grechen20" for 20% off. Also if you have never shopped at www.revolveclothing.com they have a bunch and your first order is 30% off w/no shipping. Or they had an online code for "revolve07" I would call them with your order so that you make sure that you get the 30% for first time customers. Also ShopRapunzels.com has a lot of them and you can use the code grechen for 20% off if it still works!:wlae:
  6. I have my eyes on the LV Mini Lin Speedy 30 =)
  7. I'd love to get the Gryson Heidi in black.

    I also what a bright Balenciaga coin purse. I need to check out the colors IRL to narrow it down though.
  8. JNH- wow, thank you so much! I checked all the sites. Revolve clothing has the style that I want but they are sold out. The price was the cheapest I've seen online. Plus if I am able to add the 30% discount.....yummy!!

    I placed a special order but they said it may take 3-7 business days before I hear a reply. Waaaaa.
  9. Judie, let me know how that special order thing works out b/c I've tried twice before on Revolve, and I never heard back from them. I wanted the Bulga navy pudding tote, which I ended up buying from NM since they didn't have the color I wanted and never got a reply.

    Wish list? I would love a JC Ramona! In my dreams though :sad:
  10. I've been eying a Kooba Devin in blonde or a Kooba Nicole in rose.
  11. Baby K- sure, I will let you know if I hear a response. Of course, already I'm eyeing something else :p

    A Marc by MJ Tote!
  12. MJ Miss little Marc tote......
    Maybe Chanel clear bag or Paris B tote .... not sure yet

    No any special bag that do really want now.
  13. Something is seriously wrong with me!! Now I am looking at the Anna Corinna mini-city tote.
  14. I've had my eye on a Bulga pudding flap and a crescent satchel for some time, but the bag I'm drooling over right now is the Kooba Elisha - I can't decide on the Red or the Blonde! :drool:
  15. Chanel Classic Flap!