whats on your iPhone?

  1. I have Newstand hidden on 3rd page, I never go to that page on my screens, ever. I just made it to hide that. I cannot wait til it's able to be in a folder.
    amepg1.jpg amescreen 2.jpg
  2. What do you have in your Graphics Folder? If you don't mind me asking...
  3. myPANTONE
    Photobucket (never used once)
    Adobe Reader
    Genius Scan
    PSD Viewer
    Instant Cam (never used once)
    Pocketbooth (never used once)
    PS Express
    Photopod (never used once)
  4. holy SMOKES!! ive only had my iphone for maybe a month or two and i'm head over heels for it. Sooooo....i'm pretty new to apps and what not and when i had my Droid i never paid for anything b/c the ones that cost money on the iPhone were usually free on the Droid....anywho i saw that you had the myPantone and i wanted to get it. I searched and its a pretty expensive app...BUT i'm sure its well worth it:graucho: now how do you like it?
  5. Its not worth that price but it's good when you don't have one of the swatchbooks on your person and you can get relatively close to at least the right color family. I think it's a tad lighter and about a row off from the book
  6. thanks! i'm glad i didn't purchase it, as i was about too! but i don't think i'll need it
  7. I need it because I work with printers pretty much daily for my regular job AND my own business, and sometimes colors are pretty big deals. It's also good for when Im with a bride we can come close to a bridesmaid dress or linen color to find a good color combination to use for invitations,etc. Its not bang on accurate but closer than winging it. I never rely on it for a press check though.
  8. i understand...right now i'm working in a medical/clerical setting and i do designing on the side...hoping to get out and get a dang job designing full time
  9. Well good luck! It's a TOUGH field. I've worked full time in it for 15 years, even was partner in an agency with two morons. I left for a clerical job and ended up working both as a designer AND secretary, plus my own side business I've done for almost 10 years. I much prefer not working for a bigger business though doing design. Just the people who hire me for their stuff.
  10. [​IMG]




    my iPhone is white so i went back to my old screensaver cos it kinda matches :p

    first screen is w/app permanents i can't delete but use often + pandora

    second is downloaded apps (cafe life, lose it, garfield, twitter, Facebook, anote<-LOVE this, whats app, chess free, family feud and sudoku..)

    third screen is app permanents that i don't use often

    i haven't really had time to download much apps and there are some i've used before but haven't re-download..heck FB, sudoku, whatsapp and anote are probably the only apps i use daily.

    i'm hoping the magazines/newspapers will get better so i can subscribe and actually USE the newsstand..
  11. wow you're VERY VERY VERY ORGANIZED! lol i'm still downloading apps and learning how i like my screens! i like your backgrounds :biggrin:
  12. lock screen, first page with main apps,
    I like things simple and clean...

    second/third page some other apps i use on a regular basis.
    image-1769133420.jpg image-1904734205.jpg image-1180373845.jpg image-2522678141.jpg
  13. That's so cool! And your puppy is cute

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  14. thank you!
  15. Here is mine, great thread idea!

    My lock screen is an inspiration quote, my home screen is my future vision board. On the materialistic side, but I like to look at it. The others I made are boring lol
    image-3769191450.jpg image-940649852.jpg image-4131352263.jpg image-2449172299.jpg