What's on your Hermes wish list this week?

  1. I had to add the "this week" since mine keeps on changing. I'll start:

    -shoulder-bag, either Bolide, Massai, or Evelyne--
    (TBD when I hit the store in a few weeks and try them all on)
    -pair of gloves
    -plisse scarf
    -snowman bag charm
    -Les Vitrines Hermes book

    Long-term (in the next few years)
    -Black 32cm Sellier Kelly in VL w/PH
    -JPG SB w/PH-Rouge Garance, brown, or another fun color
    -Gold or other neutral 35cm Togo Birkin w/PH or GH
    -HAC 32cm Togo
    -Black/Graphite Croc Birkin 30 or 35cm
    -Zip Agenda--once I use up my Moleskine notebook and LV agenda for this year and next.
    -Turandot scarf in the red colorway
  2. Short Term: (sadly, only little things right now)
    Jardin sure le Nil Tea Cups/Mugs
    Some kind of H keychain

    Long Term:
    Bolide 31 Mou Gold Clemence
    Bearn GM in Mysore, fun color
    Evelyne pm in BJ Clemence
    Black Box Kelly 28 Sellier, palladium
    Kelly 32 Chevre, Retourne, Marron Fonce, palladium
    Birkin 25 or 30 cm in black Chevre
    Plume 28 in Chevre, not sure of color
  3. wait wooooah - what is the snowman charm Orchids???? I think I need that as I adore snowmen lol!!
    and what is the book you mentioned??

    Short term:

    my raisin birkin (waiting to sell others to get this baby home!)
    possibly a PB?

    Long term --

    Another azap wallet in a different color.....
    Toile birkin 30....
  4. Well....given that this will change oh probably within the next 5 minutes at the rate I'm going......

    Le Monde Hermes Magazine (Waaaa. Still not here yet!)
    Gold Elephant or Pegasus Cadena
    Pointu "Ex-Libris" in the rust or maybe taupe colorway
    Breakfast Cup and Saucer - design TBD

    LONG TERM: (well THIS changes with the wind.....)
    30cm Cognac Chevre Birkin
    Plume ELAN - color TBD in Box or Chevre
    VINTAGE 28cm Black Box Kelly
    31cm Rouge H Togo Bolide
    VINTAGE 28cm Nicotine (?) Ostrich Kelly (like the one the Boyz have)
  5. oh oh oh I forgot the Toile/Barenia Birkin, Shoes mentioned! I want one too!!!! Me too!!!

    ......see what I mean? ......oiy......
  6. Got a bit of news from one of my collector's groups, this combo will be in greater production starting next year.
  7. ^^Yup, my SA confirmed that to me...supposedly there will be new color combos too!
  8. LOL! Shoes...here's a picture of one on eBay
    eBay: Auth HERMES 2006 Snowman Bag Charm for Birkin NEW (item 270035529767 end time Nov-01-06 04:27:16 PST)

    It really is adorable--they're still available in stores! I've got one on hold for me right now!

    The book, Les Vitrines Hermes (or Hermes Shop Windows), is an out of print book by Leila Menchari (the window designer for Hermes). I lost out on that book on eBay....but hopefully another one will be sent my way soon!
  9. D! Are you there or have I just missed you again?!

    My list is very short: all I want to get my hands on is a scarf - Chevaux des Moghols, in black.... if anyone spies one, please shout loud!
  10. LOLO!!!!! Are you back????? ACK! Well? Did you get it???? Is it in one piece????? Are you home yet???????
  11. D!!! I found you! I found you! (of course a simple PM would have been far too obvious for me!)
    YES I got it - and a million thanks to you
    YES I love it and
    YES those buggers at Swiss managed to lose it but have found it and it will arrive here tomorrow (after much sweat and tears!)
    Are you still in Italy? What have you bought? We need to know EVERYTHING!
  12. :wtf: :wtf: What do you mean.....they LOST it??????? How do you LOSE a 5' tall WHIP for God's sake!!?!?!?!?!?!? and WHERE did they find it????? .....this has to be a story....just has to be....
  13. Oh! It had to be specially checked in - even though I had repacked it in a fishing rod poly-urethane tube for protection, so it's not like I would have been cracking it in midflight to get those lazy waitresses moving (sorry, no disrespect but this is the LAST time I am flying Swiss biz, they are an absolute disgrace - but that's a whole 'nother rave...)
    So their special check-in system was not that great. It seems it missed the flight but after much hounding and a fair amount of histrionics from me (in a calm and lawyerly fashion, of course) they have found it, it is at the aairport here and will be personally delivered to my eager paws in the morning.

    D! It is a thing of beauty, I tell you....when I got it I was at my mate's house in Wales, not enough room to swing a cat or crack a whip. So I went outside into the street and started cracking it in the middle of the road. My pal tells me that since then, his neighbours greet him with a new air of - well- shock and awe I guess!

    Where are you, are you still in Italy? If you are I must give you some serious warnings about how demented the security issues are getting out of Europe. Getting in is a breeze, but leaving is nothing short of a strip search and, often, confiscation of serious amounts of stuff (Italy / France may be better, but the UK are a disgrace not because of taking stuff off you, but the system and methods they use.)
    So where are you?
  14. Back home and heading for a shopping frenzy on Saturday because...well...I've been Hermes-less for almost a MONTH! Not an Hermes store in site for 23 days and about 8 hours I think! None in any Italian city I travelled to....and where there WAS one, it was CLOSED! ......so you can just imagine the state I'm in.

    It's a wonder my SHORT TERM list is so short.......
  15. ^^ Hi shomom, hope you snag something nice on Saturday, and tell us what the goodies you see ...