What's on your Fendi wish list?

  1. For me, it's definitely that awesome Wisteria (definitely only a wish), a cherry spy, and a sequin spy. Did someone say they saw one in-store recently???

    Ladies, what about you?
  2. Definitely the Wisteria Spy for me too!
  3. Oooh I'm really into the silver/gold or gold/silver metallic spy! :smile: And of course (who doesn't?) the Wisteria. Mmmmmmm....=)
  4. silver/gold and honey wisteria!
    Hubby's buying me one probably sometime in fall, (it seems FOREVER away!) and i don't know which to choose! I'll probably end up with the lovely wisteria. :yes::graucho:

    But for now i'll enoy my lovely cognac!
  5. Spy in green, white with red or green trim, gold/silver, and gold python. And a second petrol one because I know some day I will wear out the one I have. I reeeeeally want a green, though!

    B bag in red, blue, or black patent leather.
  6. BBag in Tan/Black combination.