What's on your Damier Speedy D-ring?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I was just wondering what you guys use the d-ring in your damier speedy for??

    I'm looking for a mini pochette accessories pouch in the damier print, but I can't find one aside from the one that comes with with Damier Marais (it's the Damier bucket). Do any of you know if they sell that cosmetics pouch separately? I haven't been to LV in awhile so I haven't asked.

    Right now, my Damier Speedy 30 is feeling a little lonely and needs a little damier companion....

    thanks everyone!

    I've included a picture of the Damier Marais Cosmetics Pouch from ebay...I'd love to have that in my Speedy...
    damier marais.JPG
  2. nothing.
    I used to attach my keys to it but then it got to be a pita, so i just attached them to the outside of my bag with my ski hook.

  3. What about getting this for your speedy?
    [​IMG] Louis Vuitton
    Mini Pochette Accessoires
  4. absolutely the Trousse Make-up, I use it like a pochette on my shoulder sometimes too, it's on eluxury under cosmetic cases and Damier, it's $285 and you can clip it to the d ring too if you want. I use it in my mandarin epi speedey and my broadway messenger....
  5. keys..
  6. I don't have anything on mine
  7. i do't hvae anything on mine either..i don't wanna pull the shape down
  8. Iam currently using that for my speedy but I want it in Damier print! thanks for the pic!
  9. I've been thinking about getting that one!!...i'm torn if if I should get it or not! It perfect for my speedy just a little to big in my opinion, but I love how you can you use it as a little shoulder bag! I've even see it on ebay a couple of times for less than 200 bucks

    I'm not worried about putting anything on my D-ring because I use a pursket and it prevents the sag :yes:
  10. I dont have anything on mine either.....
  11. It's really not that much bigger than the mini pochette, I use it in my 25 speedy just fine, give it a shot, I'm sure you'll get plenty of use out of it.....I see you surf too??? I even use this @ the beach in my beach bag and stuff cause I don't have to worry about dripping on it or anything, and other surfers aren't as aware of the damier pattern so no one makes any comments.......
  12. I bought a little "question mark shaped" hook thingy from the hardware store and put it on my key ring. I attach it to the "d" ring and it work beautifully. It hangs high so you don't have to dig down to find it. Does that make any sense?
  13. My LV key ring (also known/used as the "pochette extender"). I love that key ring so damn much, and now I am thrown if a bag does not have a D ring so I can clip them inside.
  14. awsome!!! I think I might wanna get it!! yes I surf too! but I'd honestly never taken any of my lv's near the beach, I baby them like crazy...my current beach bag is a mess...hehe everything is either covered in sand, wax or sunblock...ehehee!!!:yes:
  15. yup yup that makes total sense, thanks for sharing!