What's on your current BV wishlist?

  1. I've been yearing for a ebano Veneta (I just love BV's classic brown color)

    and of course the studded hobo. *sigh*

    What about you ladies?
  2. I'm waiting to see this one in person, and to find out if it comes in any other colors. It's over $3000, which makes me sad, but I've been thinking about it since the runway show.

    Also I want a metallic wallet from resort, maybe in olio.
  3. I dunno if I will ever be able to buy another BV (so expensive, and we are about to buy a house), but if I could here is what I would get:

    1. A knot clutch in an exotic material
    2. A Roma in ferro
    3. A black Pyramid
  4. Ottone Sloane and french flap wallet
    Ferro Pyramid
  5. A large veneta in red.
  6. I would love a bag I saw at the BV boutique. It is a large hobo with long straps. The weaving is brown and black. The top of the bag is curved. I don't know the name, anybody know what I'm talking about? Here is a picture I found on the Shirise website, 188729 VEHD:
  7. I would LOVE a Cabat in Ottone. Love, love, love!
  8. only thing I'm still yearning for is a knot clutch. otherwise I'm pretty satisfied :girlsigh:
  9. At this moment, I am so content with my tiny BV family that I don't want anything else, really.:girlsigh:

    But of course, I do drool over the gorgeous cabat and the knot clutch and everything in between all the time!!
  10. I think the style is called the Sherazade.
  11. I don't have any wishlist right now. All of my wish already came true.. After having OP Sloane, Camel Large Veneta, & Nero Large Veneta, I'm really done for now.
  12. cutiekiara, you're lucky not to have a wishlist and I'm glad you're satisfied with what you have. Seriously - it's a good feeling to have a collection you like and use and appreciate without wanting more. (I'm working on that part!:sweatdrop:)
  13. no wishlist...for now...I should be on a "ban"...seriously...:blush:
  14. Thanks LLANeedle! Has that style been around for a while?
  15. I just realized how many bags that I haven't used for awhile, and after buying 3 bags in a month (I just bought Chanel bag too, sorry if I's cheating) I feel really content and want to enjoy what I had for now.. :rolleyes: