What's ON Your Coach?

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  1. We have threads about things inside your bag and your bag on you, but what do you have on your Coach bag? A scarf, a charm, a keyfob, just the hang tag, nothing?

    Feel free to share pictures as well!
  2. What a coinkydink! I just took a picture of all my bags with their charms. :smile: It's kind of hard to see but I like to have a matching charm for each bag. I have 2 scarves, but I seldom use them anymore.

  3. Right now, I am loving my tiger keyfob.


    And a scarf pic:
  4. I really want your tiger! I wish I could reach through the computer screen and steal it. :graucho: hah.
  5. I felt the same way when I found it in the reference thread!! LOL!
  6. How much did you end up paying for it? Is it as rare/more rare than the Pegasus?
  7. This is what's on my bag.


    I love having key fobs on my bags except for my Kristin Satchel.
  8. Yes, it is rarer than the Pegasus.
    And I paid $55 shipped...
    Compare that to what I paid for the Pegasus, and I got an astronomical deal.

    OP, this thread makes me want to go deco my bags and take pics! LOL!
  9. Sometimes I tie a pony scarf but it doesn't stay there permanently :lol: Mostly, I just have nothing on my Coach other than the hangtags that it came with.
  10. I love the metal fobs on my bags. Maybe my favorite is the crown fob.
  11. #11 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    I used to do scarves when I was in the USA but that doesn't fly in the Caribbean :P so I stick to fobs:

    On my Tribeca tote: Cancer Zodiac Charm

    On my Legacy tote: Legacy Photo Keychain

    On my Lurex tote: Libra Zodiac Charm

    Sorry for the crappy Blackberry pics!
  12. i just have the hang tag (s) and usually a ponytail scarf.
  13. usually a charm or fob
  14. I LOVE your collection. The fobs look lovely on each bag.

    I use either a pony scarf or a fob. :smile:
  15. Just the usual hangtags...