What's On Your Coach Fall Hit List-Post Pics !

  1. I'm loving these new suede items in the fall Coach lineup:smile:.Noel Ballet Flats $168.00 & Ergo Patchwork Large Tote $648.00

  2. The chocolate Small Ergo Sig Hobo... :nuts::heart::nuts:

  3. I have been ga-ga for this bag ever since someone posted it in another thread a while back:

    There was some confusion as to if this would be an outlet only bag since it's the small sig, but it came up on the Coach drilldown or something...I've gotta have this!
  4. The Legacy French purse in gardenia!

  5. That gardenia is gorgeous!
  6. This will be a lot less painful when I start working again next month, LOL!!

    Miranda in bordeaux...or black:

    Leigh in brown sig...or maybe leather, hehehe:

    Legacy shoulder bag in black leather...glorious:


    Gigi in whiskey...or maybe black again, LOL:

    Diggin' the patent Ergo hobo:


    Chelsea python wristlet...delicious splurge!!

    and I don't normally like to be all matchy-matchy but I adore this Chelsea wristlet...perfect match with my Chelsea satchel :

  7. The ballet flats are soooo cute, I have the open toed version in the Khaki, I think I'll also be adding a pair.

    Have to get it in a larger size though, the pair that I bought still pinches me a little ! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  8. *SWOON* :tender:

  9. You are a bad, bad girl for posting these. OMG- I am in love!!!! These have now joined my wish list. :heart::heart:
  10. Gigi in Clay
    Leigh in Camel

    And lots of the new jewelry items coming out this fall!!!
  11. Chili leather Carly!!!
  12. Wasn't too thrilled at first, but this is definately an option that's looking better every day!


    Chocolate Signature Medium Ergo Tote (and I already have a hot pink mini from Fossil!)

    hmmm....can't really think of anything else. I'm lusing over an LV Neverfull and/or Gucci bag next! Nothing until Oct/Nov when ban is over.
  13. I agree, the wristlet with the turnlock is too cute!

    You may also want to check the outlet's signature for fall - it's awfully close to the Chelsea b/w stuff - the background is a bit more greyish than white, but still a great match:

    Chelsea Zip wallet with outlet sig bw mini and wristlet. 100_5167.JPG
  14. the other day i was in the grocery store and i saw one of these on someones arm (clearly not a TPFer or she wouldnt have thought i was a nut job)

    and i like followed her through the veggies, and then haha asked her if i could please hold her bag :smile: I told her i knew it was the miranda and i had heard it was heavy and was just curious if it was, and she looked at me like i was nuts haha but was nice and did let me hold it and even showed me what she kept inside to show what weight was coming from where, and i must tell you it weighs a TON
    she only had like a wallet, agenda, cell, keys, and like checkbook and it felt like she had 5 textbooks, a small child and all her stuff inside :smile:

    lovely bag but SO heavy i couldnt ever use it :sad: so sad!:crybaby:

  15. 11086_B4BX-1_d2.jpg