What's on your COACH Christmas List?

  1. A 500 dollar Coach Gift Certificate. =]
  2. Making a decision on a new bag!!!!!
  3. OMIGOSH I love Fraggle Rock!!!!! hehehehehe
    Okay I just had to get that out there.

    I want the Ali Leather Shoulder Flap in whiskey but there's nobody that will know that and buy it so I hope for money ;p
  4. Do you think the legacy pocket shoulder bag will be sold out by Christmas? That is the bag I am wanting.
    Leg pocket.jpg
  5. hopefully not

    that is like, "the bag" (sorry for airhead like-ness) that is going to be a best seller. so far it's number two on the list after ali but because of ali's higher price point and the size, i think they're expecting shoulder bags to sell like crazy

    and it has. so far my store has sold out of all of them in white, which is crazy b/c the customers know you can't clean it?

    prcheney, if that's on your wishlist, make one at coach and let the SA know so when your family and friends go in to view it (ahead of time) they'll push your family members in the right direction, unless that's all you want.

    anyone here who wants something for coach can make a wishlist at their local coach store

    or you can grab a catalog, circle and make notes and discreetly leave it around the house for your SO or DH to see.
  6. Something from the outlets! LOL! Coach gift cards.
  7. hmm something in thosee stripes, cuz they are fantastic!!!
    haha, hmm im not sure, nothing has really caught my eye yet, maybe the next collection line when it comes out will have something for me!
  8. and i meant a gift card so i can buy w/e pleases mee haha
  9. Oh I also want the clover charm as I still can't justify spending my hard earned money on that yet :P
  10. ^^Yeah I got the clover charm adn then exchanged it for a smiley to give as a gift, but I cannot justify giving one to myself LOL. No one will give me coach for xmas. My relatives are strictly LVers, and I couldn't accept a chanel from anyone. But I'd like flats. I plan on getting myself a wristlet though. But would appreciate someone getting me that patent dog leash for my pup! And the dot hair scarf I stupidly returned..
  11. I don't know. I like the Boston Bag & the Signature Khaki Ali. See, I collect Steinbach Nutcrackers and that is usually my gift, but funds are a little better this year :smile:
  12. shoes!
    the beaded tote...omg, i fell in love! too bad i have to wait...
    and maybe something patchwork? not sure...but i'd like something different from the signature stuff.
  13. *clover
  14. -Coach giftcard
    -Patent leather mini skinny
    -outlet stuff...
  15. if I come across the scarf I will get it, and will buy my wristlet. As for the flats I am still deciding. But would like a passcase for xmas!