What's On Your Christmas List?

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  1. Damier Azur Speedy 25 & Pouchette
  2. hmm. I want a gift certificate to LV. I want the money for upcoming collections. I know I want the mirior speedy but that's technically BEFORE Christmas so it isn't really a Christmas gift! LOL Way to justify getting more LV.
  3. me too!!! i want a speedy 25 and silver mirror pochette:yes: :yes:
  4. UGH...my list is long enough to last 10 Christmases! LOL

    BUT...I just got #1 on my list....so my top items right now are:
    A graffiti speedy
    black MC Trouville (although since I just got the speedy I think I might bump this down a little)
    Damier Alma
    Red Epi speedy 25
    brown pink CB pap & cles
  5. MC Keepall! But Santa will never bring that :Push:
  6. start off small. heheh

    white MC speedy
    Red epi speedy 25
    Saleya PM
  7. I want an agenda, but can't seem to pick just ONE style.
  8. 1. lilac epi soufflot or jasmin
    2. vanilla epi soufflot or jasmin (so either 1 or 2)
    3. any damier bag/item
  9. 1. pop haut or cabas piano (but prob pop haut)
    or 2. white mc trouville
    or 3. mono musette tango short strap
    or 4. oooooh I love everything!
  10. mono or damier speedy 30
    mono mini pochette
    mono cles
    icon mini speedy
    LV birth of modern luxury book
    etc., etc., etc...
  11. ***in damier azur :smile:
  12. Damier Uzes with Damier koala wallet and Damier Navona ---will buy myself probably--merry christmas to me!
    Manhattan PM with Pochette Tikal and Multicles Rabat--will ask for from bf.
    Fleur de Porcelaine Scarf to tie on either bag.
  13. Any of these would make me happy :yes: :

    monogram speedy 25 or batignolles horizontal
    monogram pochette accessoires
    monogram pochette cles
    framboise reade pm
    framboise pochette cles
  14. the last day of the semester is December 8 a.k.a. GRADUATION and the end of my school life as i know it, and my 22nd birthday is December 13, and with Christmas just 2 weeks after that my parents are each going to get me gifts for all 3 occasions combined :yahoo::yahoo:. my mom had initially promised me a Birkin :wtf:, but then i felt that was a bit much, and i felt bad for having her spend so much, so i decided to downsize :lol:. so here's my graduation/birthday/Christmas list:

    black Suhali L'Ingénieux PM
    beige Velvet Chains Pochette Rabat
    (which is still on eLuxury)
    gray Cuir Embossé Polly
    (if either of them is generous enough :graucho:)