What's on your Christmas, Hanakah or other holiday celebration list?

Since I have bought so much for myself (that my hubby doesn't know about). I am being the martyr this Christmas and telling him I don't really need anything. I makes me look good and takes care of the guilt I have for spending almost $3,000 on purses in the last month.

What about anyone else? What's on your list?



Aug 21, 2006
TOmorrow I am heading to the NM pre-sale to see what they have instored for me. BUt I am not going to let a sale suck me into it unless they have what I want. If not I am awaiting for the JUMBO flap caviar/lambskin as CLK55's bag is haunting me for weeks now.

I'll finally get my HErmes Birkin next week and so that speaks for two/three Chanel handbags till Christmas? UH oh, this is so not good. I have two on my list. THe classic flap and the bowling bag in deerskin like Ms. Roey has.


is on a purse ban :(
Jul 29, 2006
My mom said she would buy me a chanel bag for christmas but I can't decide which one I want! I either want a modern chain tote in black (which I can't seem to find anywhere), a large classic flap, or a grand shopping tote.


Oct 14, 2006
My mom said she would buy me a chanel bag for christmas but I can't decide which one I want! I either want a modern chain tote in black (which I can't seem to find anywhere), a large classic flap, or a grand shopping tote.
What size MC Tote in black?


Oct 14, 2006
My Christmas Wish List has one thing on it~~~~
Chanel J12 Watch w/ diamond bezel in white

Surely that is not too much to ask???:rolleyes: LOL


crazy for chalcedony
Apr 23, 2006
i'm definitely not getting any purses for christmas, but if i were, this is my dream wishlist:
-black anniversary 05 reissue with the gold hw in 226 (i have the 225 right now in grey)
-black patent ritz (the smaller one)
-05 pny cuff with maltese cross
-black or white caviar e/w with silver hw
-cloudy bundle tote in black
-cerf tote in beige/tan with gold hw
the list could go on and on!!!
Mar 8, 2006
Desperately Seeking Deals
I am also being the martyr, and telling DH there is no need to buy me anything for X-mas!! Although when I told him feeling all humble, his reply was, "I wasn't planning on getting you anything....I just got you those rings for our anniversary"!! Uh-oh...how to tell him about the purple Chanel bag that he already bought me for X-mas???? My plan was to say, "Honey, please don't get my anything because I picked up this bag second-hand." Instead before I could get the part about the bag in, he was telling me he wasn't buying me anything anyway!!!


Jan 12, 2006
I too am not really asking for anything, or even wishing for anything.

Same w/ my birthday last week.
I'm indifferent or just satisified for now.
He keeps asking me about what size diamond studs to upgrade to and keep saying, "oh, let's just wait until next year, anniversary or something."

He's a sucky shopper though, he NEEDS a hard list or he'll get me random stuff from whichever store is closest to the Starbucks he happens to be at when he remember he needs to buy me something!:lol:
Last year it was Bath & Body Works - WHICH IS FINE, but I don't happen to dig that stuff.

My sister laughed her butt off when I called her and told her what he bought me from there, she asked, "does he even know you!?"

poor guy:heart:

But, the martyr in me will resent him when Christmas morn rolls around and I don't really have anything to open, so I'll probably make a little list, gift cards or something:shrugs:

I'd really like to give him directions to NM and have him ask for Shannon, she could really help him, but then he'd know what I pay for my stealthed in goods:wtf:


Oct 14, 2006
I think the large one. I was looking at a white one the other day at Chanel and I really loved it but I'd prefer black instead of white.
I just sent a large black MC tote back to my SA @ Bloomingdales NYC. She hasn't had time to receive it yet, but if would like PM me and I will send you her contact info. I am sure she will hold it for you once it arrives.


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
But Swanky, if your hubby logged on and read the forum he would see that you are THE most practical person here! It is obvious that you live well and I would love to have your lifestyle. I'd be the first to tell your hubby that he is lucky to have a wife who thinks through her purchases versus buy for the sake of buying. Give him directions to NM and let Shannon have at him, LOL!