What's on your charm bracelet?

  1. What do u have dangling from yours? Most of my charms were given to me as gifts and each one really does symbolize me and what I like.

    The gold bracelet:
    letter A...for the first letter in my name
    scorpian...my sign
    key....I can be very secretive at times (Scorpio trait)
    padlock...same as above
    a little cell phone....I can't live without it
    a little gold plate that says "Little Sis"....self explanatory
    a pair of gold flipflops...I have every color in the rainbow

    The white gold bracelet:
    purse...of course lol
    a puppy...LOOOVE dogs
    a white gold flipflop (the thong part is pink)....fave color is pink
    an "I Love 2 Shop" tag...self explanatory
    a white gold cross...I'm a proud Christian
    white gold heart that says "In Love" on the front...my s/o gave me this...he has an identical one that he wears on the chain around his neck:heart:
  2. Both of my bracelets are Links of London bracelets.


    On my Sweetie, a hippo and a vespa (I've got a moped !).


    On my Classic Charm Bracelet, a "lucky catch" shell charm, and I'll be putting on a four leaf clover at the end of the week ! :graucho::graucho:
  3. I have a sterling silver charm bracelet that my son started for me 5 years ago. so far I have on it:

    filigree heart
    solid heart
    teddy bear

    I also have a charm bracelet that my mom handed down to me that has charms representing my parents and my sister and me on it. My dh bought me a tiffany heart tag charm bracelet and one heart lock charm for it.
  4. I have a silver Links of London bracelet, I'll try and take a pic in a few mins.

    It has:

    A stingray
    A flip-flop
    An evil eye with a cute tiny tiny diamond
    A butterfly
    And the Empire State Building

    I love collecting them - it's so much fun. Haven't decided on my next addition yet, I think I have space for a few more. Once it's finished I'll be wanting to start another - seriously addictive.


    Not the best pic in the world but you get the idea.
  5. Oh gosh I have too many to list:-

    I have 3 Silver Charm Bracelets. It all started with one that I was given on my Christening, when that was full up I had to get another one and so it went on.

    My charms have been given to me as gifts for Christmas, Birthday and special occasions ie children's births and my wedding. Also, I have got some myself from holiday destinations.

    The bracelet in the middle was my first one, then the top one and the bottom one was actually given to me full up but the charms are all sentimental.
  6. The one I like best has a Buddha, an elephant, a little Arabic prayer box (with an old, old prayer in it!), a lion, a Hand of Fatima, a sun, and an actual working watch!

    It is my favorite because I made it myself!