What's on YOUR bag wishlist?

  1. I was quite surprised to find that there weren't any threads where members could post their wishlists!!

    SO, please feel free to post away! PICS are fun, too!

    My wishlist is:
    ~Coach bag, pref. small signature Soho Hobo
    ~Coach Wallet / Skinny
    ~Coach Keyfob
    ~Juicy Small Zip Wallet
    ~Longchamp Le Pliage - Small Navy
    ~Vera Bradley Coin Purse
    ~Louis Vuitton Pomme/Amarante Vernis Cles
    ~Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25

    Yes, quite a long list isn't it?? But all of the above except the LV are going to be "obtained" before the summer ends because they aren't as big ticket items :p I feel bad for all the damage my wallet endures...:graucho:
  2. Gustto Small Baca--not sure which color yet, maybe taupe
    Botkier Rose hobo in cherry
    Kooba Bonnie Suede in Black (maybe)
    Balenciaga Paprika/Rouille Day
    Balenciaga Violet Day or Twiggy
    Anything else I may find and purchase in the spur of the moment! lol
  3. All I want is my Kooba Jillian. That's all I want.
  4. ^^ I wish my wishlist was that short...my wallet would thank me. And so would my parents :p

    Gorgeous bag, though!
  5. Balenciaga flat brass first (black) preferably from 01 if not s/s 02
    Balenciaga coin purse in a bright color (jaune, violet, bright blue)
    Balenciaga first in rouge vif, RT, or tomato
    Balenciaga black city (04 with pewter, 05, or 07)
    Another Longchamp large chocolate le pliage for txtbooks

    that's about all....for now
  6. ^ Oh, I see the Longchamp is on both our wishlists!! :graucho:
  7. My wishlist is short ... for once!

    I really want an LV Mono Lockit which I have been OBSESSING about for days. I planned to go downtown to pick one up (if they have it), but have been trying to talk myself out of it because I don't really NEED it ... but I sure do WANT it. We'll see which side of me wins out. :smile:

    Then my other bag I have put my name on a wait list but it's hard to come by, so I'm not sure what my chances are ... Chanel Baby Coco Cabas in black.

    And then my ultimate dream wish list is the Chanel J12 watch in white. Well, I'd love black too. And if this is my dream wish list ... I want both! :smile: And it doesn't even need diamonds in it ... I'd be perfectly happy with just the regular style!
  8. It keeps changing but for now:
    LV Mirage Speedy (Blk Handles)
    LV Epi Red Speedy
    LV Multicolore (Black) Speedy
    LV Beverly
    LV Limelight Clutch
    LV Trevi or LV Hampstead
    LV Dennim Speedy or Baggy
  9. Moonstarr: The Lockit style is SO classic! LOVE it more and more every time I see it on tPF...Thinking about suggesting the new Epi Lockit to my mom because she LOVES Epi but returned her St. Jacques because it just wasn't "her".

    handbag*girl: I :heart: speedys!!! My mom is getting one for me for my 16th bday next year, so I can't wait!!

    I think that my ULTIMATE lust bag is a Chanel Black Cambon tote with White CC's.
  10. Ha....here's my wishlist (in no particular order)

    Botkier Medium Satchel (Cherry)
    LV Damier Speedy 30
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Heidi (Ocean)
    Gustto Small Baca (Taupe)
    Balenciaga City (can't decide which yummy color)
    Rebecca Minkoff Nikki (Cognac)

    Long list huh? Hehehe
  11. [​IMG] Anna Corinna mini city tote in butterscotch

    [​IMG] Kale Tate in denim or moss

    [​IMG] Kale Palmer in marine

    [​IMG] Kale Chilton

    [​IMG]Gryson Skye

    [​IMG] Lauren Merkin Louise

    [​IMG] Lauren Merkin Plum in cognac

    [​IMG] Chloe Paddington Satchel

    Balenciaga Part-Time
    LV Popincourt Haut
    LV Popincourt

    Is my list long enough? I have already bought 7 handbags this summer so the list will have to wait!
  12. LV Batignolles Horizonal...seriously that it... I mean, I want a Pomme inclusion ring too, but that doesn't count as a bag...
  13. urbangrl: OH pictures!!! Thanks for posting!!

    LOVE the Chloe and the gold clutch!

    ArmCandyLuvr: That's a great bag! I hear amazing things about it from tPFers! Very classic and practical! [OT, but I saw your ticker in your signature and WOW! Congrats on all your weight loss...that's so amazing!]
  14. oh here are my pics....updated;)
  15. ^^ LOVE the Botkier and MJ! Great choices!