What's on their lists to Santa?

  1. ( . . . . or what do they want for Hanukkah?)

    Share what your kids are wishing for!
  2. I'm pretty sure Belle asked for a white Range Rover with big rims and little tv screens on the back of head rests. :yes:
  3. I :SO: don't know what to get my kids. One is 11 and not "big" but not "small" either, you know? the other is 2.5 and really needs NOTHING.... He's really into fire trucks lately though, so I'm thinking besides his vacuum cleaner, he'll need to get a fire truck too!

    My older son will be getting a book (Calvin and Hobbes is on sale on Amazon today in goldbox) and I think an art easel set which he keeps pointing out! LOL
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. We got our daughter (Under 2) a princess tent, a toy car that moves/plays music, a puzzle, & crayola bathtub crayons. That is more than she needs, her birthday is right around the corner.
  6. My 13 year old daughter wants "The Gilmore Girls" dvd set, uggs boots, digi camera and photo printer and grey jeans from Hollister. My 21 year old son wants Stacy Adams ostrich shoes and the 18 year old son have not hinted what he wants yet.
  7. My 5 year old son wants every single thing in the toy catalog and my 2 year old daughter wants a monkey. Go figure. Neither is getting quite what they want!!
  8. My 6 yr old daughter asked for:

    A large bean bag chair
    Bratz RC Car
    Barbie Cash Register
    FurReal Friends Kitty
    Moon Shoes
    Littlest Pet Shop playset
    Barbie Styling Head
    Newborn baby doll
    Digital Art Studio

    She is getting everything on her list. I have a Christmas Club account and set back money all year so that I can splurge on gifts for my daughter and family. All without touching a credit card!
  9. My 3 yo gd is asking for a doll with a diaper and a pink computer. She is very hot on this computer idea and she's going to be sorely disappointed if she doesn't change her mind before Christmas. When I asked her what the computer was for she said that she could look at Barbies on it. Yikes.