What's on the menu this rainy day? Orange boxes, of course!

  1. This is the best cure yet for a gloomy, rainy early autumn day! Please welcome with me the newest little additions to my H-family.

    Obligatory box shot (sorry I had already removed the ribbons, but I was too lazy to re-tie them!).

    And for zeee first course...an amuse bouche, if you will...

    my new little Quitte Ou necklace! I actually really wanted it in black, but these little buggers are so hard to find I just decided to grab this one since I couldn't be sure I'd ever get my hands on a black/palladium one.


    And for zeee appetizer...

    my lovely new pontu, the name of which escapes me at the moment--but notice that it features parts of Brides de Gala, which is my favorite. And why are plain black and white scarves so hard to find?!


    And lastly, for zeeee entree....

    my long-awaited H-hour watch in black calfskin (name?) with silver dial. I have really been looking for a casual leather-strap watch, and was originally planning on a Cape Cod double tour with a barenia strap, but this one just caught my eye and I had to have it.


    So, yay! I feel very satisfied now...even though I'm on a diet as of yesterday--thus the food-related thread title. LOL!
  2. LOVELY, Cyn!!!

    en Desordre is the pointu design - nice choice!
  3. Gorgeous Cynthia, you have such fabulous taste!! I especially love that necklace :heart:
  4. Yum Cynthia, thanks for the late night snacks....

    Extended birthday presents? Those are my favorites...
  5. omg cynthia you are giving me that scarf. i LOVE it!
  6. Gorgeous items! Reading this thread made me smile!
  7. Congrats! I love them all!!!!
  8. LOVE THEM!! That is exactly the Quitte Ou that I'm after! If I find a black one I'll swap with you. :smile:
  9. Lovely choices, they are chic and wonderful! Congrats!
  10. Beautiful. Good way to cheer up on a bad weather day
  11. Cynthia! So pretty!! I've never seen that necklace but now I must have one too! I love black and white scarves, so I'm with you on that. I came very close to getting the H Hour at my last visit. Could still happen. Fantastic buys!!! Congratulations!!
  12. Great choices Cynthia, Congrats!
  13. Um. LOL...yeah. OK.

    Oooh! That would be so great! :heart:

    Thank you all for the sweet compliments--it's so much fun to share with ladies who really "get" what makes these little thingies so much fun.

    Grands Fonds, thanks for the jog of the memory regarding en Desordre! It really is a lovely...now I just have to figure out how to wear it. Heh. (And I look like a charwoman if I try to do a head scarf, so that's definitely out.)

    BTW, Icechick, I am SO sorry we didn't get a chance to meet when you were in NY. What's it been, like three years since we first talked about meeting someday?? :sad: It was just terrible timing on my part, unfortunately.
  14. you WILL give me that scarf. i'm going to go all jedi mind trick on you. btw i emailed you.
  15. Dude, you are not getting my scarf.

    I'm in the husband's office right now, so will check my email in a minute. I thought you were calling me back?