What's on the bottom of the Damier Chelsea?

  1. I am agonizing between the Mono Cabas Mezzo and the Damier Chelsea, and reading through all the older threads.
    I think the vachetta bottom on the Mono might drive me crazy. And the thought of a leather bottom SO Damier Mezzo freaks me out too. Is the bottom of the Chelsea canvas?
    If the darn Chelsea just came in Mono, it would be perfect! Argh!
  2. Your in luck-the bottom of the chelsea is dark smooth leather.
    I love that bag and have had it since june 2006. Its awesome and NO MAINTENANCE!
    I USE IT FOR WORK AND SCHLUMPING TO THE MALL ON WEEKENDS. I am taking trip to Vegas next month and look forward to using as carryon.The interior is red microfiber-no color transfers here.(no bleeding).
    I actually bought the mezzo and love the shape, but the bottom would drive me crazy, so returned to e-lux!
    no regrets here. The straps are adjustable , but I never move them.
    Glad to see someone else loving this bag.Good luck in your decision......
    Also , I haven't seen anyone with it-wihich i like, I've seen mezzo quite often
  3. Thanks, LABAG! It'll be awhile before I'll be getting either the Mezzo or Chelsea, so in the meantime I'll keep obsessing. "No maintenance" is what will probably make my decision for me!
    I do like the smaller size of the Chelsea (11" x 17") compared to the Mezzo (13" x 19").
  4. My chelsea came in today and I will post pictures later on tonight!