What's on our Valentine's wishlist?

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  1. For me, it has to be the pink graffiti neverfull..I will be so eternally thankfull when I get that from DH!:heart:
  2. Vernis Sarah wallet in amarante. I'm saving for it but I would love it if my husband would just surprise me with it.
  3. I would really love to get my Neverfull but we'll see.
  4. rose pop wilshire!
  5. I have the Damier Keepall 50 on my wishlist!
  6. since he splurged on my christmas gift i'll be happy with an eva :love:
  7. actually, for my valentines??? nothing LV. i just want some hermes jewelry. the LV is on my 1 yr wishlist....4 more days
  8. :heart:Damier Trevi and the Mono Eva:heart:
  9. I want the papillon bandeau in brown or a cles in pomme.
  10. The Rose Pop and Bleu Galactic Heart Coin Purses. I'm in LoVe :love:.
  11. graffit keyring in orange and maybe a heart coin purse in orange sunset
  12. actually..nothing really.... :biggrin: just a great night with my SO
  13. Same here! :heart:
    I just got the new Neverfull with roses .. I cannot be so cruel to ask for more :biggrin:
  14. the verfull or the heart vernis but he will not buy them, I know him
  15. My DB has promised a Graffiti Zippy Wallet, but I'm not sure if I want green or pink. I think I may treat myself to the Graffiti Keepall in green to match.