What's on everyone's wish list for BE Jan Sale?

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  1. Just thought this might be a fun thread to start tonight.

    Is there anything specific everyone's waiting for or just looking forward to browsing?

    I"m mainly looking forward to seeing the 08 styles, that's about it.

    Maybe I'll think about a Hold Me in a fun color for summer. But, not too hopeful on that style because I think its too structured still.
  2. I'm definately looking forward to the new styles as well. After looking at the wine and aqua (from the stroke me bag) i'm totally hooked on those colors!! I really like the style of my previous purchase: mottled gold top zipped bag... it has a lot of pockets+very structured, i just can't see myself holding anything of a hobo style.
  3. a love me in crash pewter!!!:yes: its always good to dream!
  4. I would LOVE a "Love Me" in AQUAMARINE!!!
  5. I definitely need something in petrol and I can't wait to see the new bags.
  6. I'm also looking for something in petrol and I wouldn't mind seeing more mottled gold after seeing Fashion1sta's bag. i think I'd love a bag in that color for summer :yes:
  7. Love Me in Purple which is highly unlikely that it will be on sale since it's quite in hot demand and has long sold out. Otherwise I don't mind in other colors except black.
  8. Indulge Me in petrol!!
  9. Love Me in purple!!
  10. I hope everyone gets exactly the BE handbag of choice!!!!! I"m looking forward to reading what everyone purchased....
  11. I would love to get a Love Me in Pewter Crash or an Indulge Me in dark grey but I really should just sit out and enjoy seeing everyone else's bargains!
  12. I would love a wine, red, or pewter crash in either Charm me or Love me.:tup: can't wait to see the January sale!
  13. HI Ladies, I am new to BE and have fallen in love after seeing all your purchases! Does anyone know when the sale will be?
    I absolutely NEED an indulge me in either cream with cream snake, navy, black or well, I'll take any color!
  14. I am interested, curiously enough...in something purple..or gold...maybe red. The Mini Love Me sounds very intriguing...but I don't like to have two of the same thing. Ladies, post modeling pix of your Indulge Me's please -- on the picture thread!
  15. I'd love a LOVE me in black crash! :love: I decided a basic color would probably be best for the amount of money I'm spending because I'd rather spend less for colors. Although that purple is very lovely.

    Does anyone have black crash and regular bag? I'd like to know the difference between these two types of leather and what would be the better option.

    Also difference between love me and take me anywhere. Thanks! :smile: