What's Old Is New Again [Reveal]

  1. This was a purchase made a few months ago... I was extremely gratified to find that BV has brought back this leather treatment for the early Fall 2013 season ...

    I love this treatment; I came across this bag while hunting that 'perfect yellow' - yes, Duchesse satisfied that urge, but could I leave this elder lady behind? No.

    Nodini. This is a screen grab of the upcoming bag, the Cabat...
  2. And this is my yellow Nodini, circa early 2000s, still in great pristine shape, now soft as a baby's bottom.
    DSC_0004.JPG DSC02322.JPG DSC02323.JPG DSC02325.JPG DSC_0001.JPG DSC_0002small.JPG DSC02320.JPG
  3. Very pretty! I hope it doesn't smell like a baby's bottom. :p
  4. The roll of exquisiteness continues! Way to go!
  5. :upsidedown::wacko:

  6. Congrats! Your bag shows how beautiful and durable BVs are.... :smile:
  7. beautiful
  8. You are on a roll my BVette sistah!
  9. :sunshine:

    Really lovely, Summer is obviously sorted :biggrin:
  10. That's a very good point! And thank you!



    Yes, yes it is. :biggrin:
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    Such gorgeous purchases recently. You need to post a "summer buys" collection shot--I bet the pic of them all together would be fabulous! :graucho:
  12. Love the yellow and the Nodini treatment! Congrats on your beauty!
  13. You're on a roll! Such an eye treat! Can't decide which one is more gorgeous that the other. Keep 'em coming! :smile:
  14. That is a gorgeous bag, India. Nodini treatment has always been a favorite of mine. You are on a roll. Please post pics in the yellow reference and the vintage reference!
  15. I see you've been slipping and sliding on the glorious BV slope lately (some of us have been there before so we can tell) :graucho:

    Congrats on landing the Naruto Knot bag. It was technically not called nodini back then... the knot on the fettuce may look the same but the overall effect is slightly different in terms of placement, thickness & the depth from which it protrudes from the body of the bag.

    Enjoy everything!