What's Next???

  1. I returned a few things to Hermes after the holidays. A beautiful cashmere scarf that I bought for my husband but it actually left fuzz on his white shirts (yuck!). Used that credit and added $$$ to buy a Bearn (for me) but have returned that as well. I put so much (too much) in my wallet and can't down size at this point so the Bearn didn't work (as lovely as it was). SO, I have a credit of $1,900+. Not in a rush, but its starting to burn a little hole in my pocket... What should I buy next (I'm thinking purse... but am open to suggestions...). I have 2 Kellys (rouge/black) and 2 Birkins (gold/black) and most recently a white Evelyn. I haven't carried the Evelyn yet - waiting for warmer - Spring weather. Should I consider a Bolide or another style? I am always so focused on the Kellys/Birkins that I never really look at the other bags. So now I am having fun fantisizing - Its like its free money (chick logic)!!!:shrugs: :yes: :shrugs:
  2. Twilly Garden Party or a Bolide!!

    I think a Bolide might look better for the Spring though such as a nice bright Blue Jean.
  3. Why not! The bolide is fantastic and would be an excellent addition to your collection. Where is HiHeels- she will give you 101 reasons why the bolide would be the best choice (and she can be pretty convincing!!)
  4. Ooo I'd love the 101 reasons! Color suggestions (too please). Are they fairly easy to come by (or do the SAs keep them in the back)? I'd love approx prices too. I know I am asking a lot but its a holiday...
  5. Oh yes hop on over to the Ode to the Bolide thread and you will be in bolide heaven!! It's a wonderful bag......versatile, understated, and easy to use!!!
  6. YES! My Bolide is my favourite H bag! I reckon in a nice trans-seasonal colour such as potiron or raisin....
  7. I think it's time for something bright! Bolides are NOT kept in the back (or if they are, they will bring them out at will. NOT like Birkins.)
    I'd get a Bolide in blue Jean, Vert Anis Chevre (saw you eyeing this one in the other thread) or Potiron!!
    Also, the Plume is fantastic in bright colors.
  8. A Bolide.....
  9. YES K!!!!

    Get VERT ANIS!!!!

    I LOOOOOOOVE my Bolide!!!
  10. You know what else is nice? Brighton Blue Bolide in chevre. I'm not a HUGE fan of Brighton Blue, but I saw a little Bolide in BB chevre the other day - it is a different tone in chevre....and divine!
  11. Go bolide.... i am waiting for my 37 potiron...hopefully this week ... i think its a great change from the birkins and kellys ... go for a bright pop of colour...:yes:
  12. GF, that pic makes me weak in the knees!
    birkin girl, your potiron Bolide is going to be outstanding!! I know you'll love it.
    Like GF, I prefer Brighton Blue in Chevre. Shoes319 describes it as a true denim blue. This would be colorful, but not as bold as some of the other colors we mentioned.
  13. Oh! To quote a Shopmom phrase - I would have chucked a lung for the Brighton Chevre Bolide! It was SO lovely! I think Brighton Blue looks nicer with the shine that chevre brings to it....gorgeous, and such a versatile colour!
  14. ^^^I Totally AGREE with you "chic logic"....spending money!!

    ^^^Again, AGREE with the above suggestions...A BOLIDE, and 2nd choice would be a TRIM??

    Good LUCK!!:heart:
  15. Get a Bolide AND a Trim.....Like I did!!! BEST day EVER!!!!!!