What's next?

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  1. Well, it's time to start thinking about my next purchase. It probably won't be until the spring and I would like to get a D Azur bag.

    I already have a mono NF and a D Ebene Speedy 30, so I am looking for something different, but still on the casual side. (I'm a stay at home mom and spend most days schlepping a toddler around.)

    Any suggestions? What bags do you think look great in the Azur print?
  2. I'm not a fan of vachetta leather on Azur.The Artsy would be great!!!
  3. Agree!!!!
  4. The Azur looks very fresh but I am not a fan of Azur because I prefer dark broody colors lol...
  5. Artsy or Totally
  6. Artsy is my vote.

    I have a mono Artsy GM and the vachetta handle on it is gorgeous.
  7. Azur noe
  8. Adding another vote for the Artsy. It's the one bag I have in Azur and I love it!
  9. Artsy would be lovely! I am also contemplating my new bag purchase... Which will hopefully be around Christmas!
  10. Azur Galliera