What's next?

  1. Anyone know for sure what they want next?
    Or what the think they want next?
  2. whatevers coming from the next valentine line!! Feel SO stupid I let that one go!
  3. I want a more modern classic Chanel purse. Don't get me wrong, I love all purses, but I just want something that came out recently.
  4. I think I am leaning towards the silver reissue for spring.
  5. I was going to get a baby cabas but have decided to pass on it. A cerf tote will probably be my next Chanel buy, but it will have to wait for a while.
  6. I can't decide, I guess I will just let my poor impulse control be my guide..
  7. Since I am automatically drawn into the Chanel Boutique at least once a week, I'm sure I'll fall for something I had no idea I needed or wanted.
  8. Baby Cabas in khaki and/or blue.
  9. I don't know which bag, but I know it needs to be a red color!
  10. How about you Swanky?
  11. OMG we posted at the same time..
  12. LOL! Pinch, poke!
  13. Modern Chain Hobo in Black or Red
  14. Cerf tote! :yes: It will be my first Chanel (but I can't get it until next year!) :shame:
  15. something from the spring line