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  1. Hi everyone ,

    I bought my first Hermes bag last August , I was so "Lucky" I walked to the store & they offer me a Blue jean togo 30 cm golden HW Birkin Bag ...

    That was first bag ,,, Now I'm addicted to Hermes ...

    My Wish List ...My "what’s Next " .....

    - 30cm Birkin - Black , togo , silver HW
    - 35 cm Birkin - Gold, togo
    - 30cm Birkin - Ostrich

    Do you think I'll get them ! or am I day dreaming ...Are the colors I want so hard to get ?
    & Pls Share " what's your next " .... :wtf:
  2. I also walked into an H and got my first Birkin. I would like a JPG Kelly and a Lindy next and a wallet of some sort. The wallet may be in reach but I don't think DH is going to be down for another bag (of any kind) for years to come :smile:

    I think black and gold Birkins are in demand but I think they are also obtainable. Lots of posters have been getting blacks recently. Togo I think is also an easy leather to come by unlike Box.

    Good luck.
  3. I think Lindy is nice ,,, but not on everyone ...
  4. They're the most popular colors, so they aren't that easy to get whenever you want one, but at the same time you already got pretty lucky in terms of finding a Blue Jean one--with gold no less, which IS rare.
  5. Wow, how lucky to find BJ w/gold! :yes::tup:

    I have so many scarves on my list from this season that I think it might slow my next bag purchase a bit. :lol: But eventually I'd love to have a Constance (preferably in Rouge H) or a Massai. And a mini Evelyne for quick shopping trips.:tup:
  6. I think you have a better chance of getting some of your what's next if you are willing to accept togo, clemence, or fjord instead of just togo. Over the past 9 months or so, I have been seeing much more clemence, fjord and swift than togo...
  7. I vote for the 30cm ostrich :okay:
  8. I too am new to Hermes...my next big purchase is going to be etoupe or a gray color birkin I believe. I have BJ and Black kelly's. I am desiring a really neutral gray hue in another style bag.

    I think the black and gold colors would be a fabulous edition to your collection. I would be open to different types of leather options, as it allows for more diversity as well as a better opportunity to obtain one. :flowers: Good luck on your decision.
  9. i vote for ostrich too. boy,that's a fabulous bag!!!
  10. Another vote for ostrich!! Congratulations on your Blue Jean Togo!!!:tup:
  11. I would go for Ostrich too, due to it being on your list!! Whatever you choose would be great!x
  12. since everyone Votes for Ostrich ... which color you guys think will be
    "THE COLOR" on Ostrich ...
  13. Ostrich! Color...whatever you like!
  14. Ostrich always gets my vote!!
  15. Ostrich if you can get it would be a great addition to your Hermes family.