What's next???

  1. You gals are all SO right. You just can't stop at one Bbag... I just received my steel/plomb (or black) City this weekend (I can't stop smelling her) and I am already planning my next Bbag purchase!!!

    I think I want to get one in either bubblegum pink or a red... Are they really difficult to find? What's your next Bbag purchase?
  2. That's how it is with BBags...ADDICTING!!!!:yes: I think BG Pink is harder to find than a red but what red are you looking for? My next purchase will be a VF City or PT!
  3. I love the '05 Rouge Theatre! :heart: Real Deal Collection had one but someone snapped that up and there was one on e*** 2 weeks ago and that was gone within a day! *Sigh* Just gotta wait for it to pop up again. BTW, does anyone know what VIF stands for after Rouge VIF? Thanks!
  4. I really love the purples and yellows Balenciaga is coming out with...however, I think I need a nice neutral and I very much miss owning a whiskey color handbag. I might have to go with Sienna with my next purchase.
  5. I really want a First in a pink or red... Maybe a true red? Burgundy seems more practical...
  6. Have you thought about waiting for the S/S '08 colors? I think I am going to get a Magenta First next season.
  7. Definitely can't go wrong w/ a Sienna.. it's so rich IRL.. it been one of my favorite colors this season. The leather has been amazing as well, very plush & distressed. :tup:
  8. You could get a tomato red from this season! The leather is great for F/W...and I just got a tomato coin purse and it is a fabulous shade of red!
  9. I would like another Step at some point :love:
  10. What's next? The bubblegum pink coming up in 08! :tup: You should get that too if you like pink. As for the reds, I agree with twiggers the current tomato color is pretty.
  11. It doesn't stand for anything, people seem to write it in capitals on these threads but the colour name is just Rouge Vif. It's French like all of the other colour names, meaning "bright" or "sharp" red:yes:
  12. I have put myself on a list for a GSH Electric Blue Work and I am trying so very hard not to buy an RH Black or Plomb City while waiting.

    There is no way that I need another City ......... ???
  13. I actually don't have a city...I want a RH anthracite. But the electric blue does sound enticing Jenova!
  14. I like your choice too. Lucky that we live in different countries, so are not in competition with each other:heart:
  15. I want either a violet day or twiggy, but unfortunately i lost out on a day and am not an ebayer so i will be on a mission calling NM's and Barneys