What's next......???

  1. Hi everybody!I'm thinking of getting a weekender, but I'm not sure which color I should go first. Black with gold GH or Pewter. I've seen the black GH one IRL already and love it since it's an easy color,at the same time I'm looking for a metallic bag also and I know how rare the pewter is. But, is it too much for such a big shiny bag? Anyone has one or saw one IRL please give me some opinion,is it too shiny? And is the leather thick and nice?Please I need your help.Thanks a lot!!!:blink:
  2. ^ Well the metallic bags are made of lamb leather with like a foil finish, whereas the regular motorcycle bags are dyed goat leather. They are both nice in their own ways, but feel pretty different IMO. Neither are particularly thick in comparison to most calfskin bags.

    When the metallic bags wear, the shiny metallic finish sort of goes away exposing the underlying non-shiny greyish colored leather (from the metallic bags I've seen). On a color like pewter that's probably less noticeable. But since that's a color from '05 the chances of you finding one are pretty slim unfortunately.

    The weekender is a large bag so it would be a lot of shiny bag, but that could be cool. I think Black with Pewter sounds amazing and easier to carry.
  3. :yes:Thank you very much for your valuable opinion!!!I agree with you that black one is easier to carry. But since the pewter one is so rare,I decide to go for it first.The only concern now is if the metallic bbags are durable or not,because I've heard a few complains about their durability.Anyway they are really cool just like you said!Thank you again for your help!:tup: