What's next?

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  1. Okay, so we're all liking the new stuff to varying degrees...but of course every new catalog makes me wonder what's coming next. Those in the know - is anything really spectacular and different coming down the pipeline? I'd love for Coach to come out with some more pink things...I'd love the new Hamptons Weekend tote in pink (and was so bummed the outlet version is scribble pattern). Anything worth holding out for in the next few months?
  2. I'm excited for falls next addition to the legacy line.
  3. Ooh, I wonder what that would be. Whatever it is, it's probably a must have.
  4. ditto!
  5. I know what you mean. There are some items in the current catalog that I want, but I keep thinking that there might be something that I like even more in the next catalog.
  6. I love the clear tote in the new catalog. I didn't really like anything in the last catalog, but this one is going to put me back in debt again!
  7. I love the greens and blues in this catalog but...come on! Pink is such a spring/summer color! I need something pink and I'm afraid as soon as I buy my next bag the ultimate bag will come out in pink. :smile:
  8. If you do a search for pink on Coach.com a TON of stuff pops up that isn't on the normal pages.

    That's how I found the Zoe clutch and the Perfume Print pony tail scarf.

    I remember a beautiful Hamptons wallet and wristlet in a dark pink/white combo. Lovely!

    Okay so I thought I saw a wallet. LOL.
  9. I've done that search - but it's mostly accessories. I want a bag! Maybe if I search enough times the Hamptons weekend tote will turn pink for me. :smile:
  10. i agree...........they really need to do some really fabulous things, (bags, etc) in pink
    at least by summer...............

    still waiting!!!!! hopefully:yes: