What's NEXT up for you!?

  1. What's the next Balenciaga item that your would like to purchase:

    me: Probably one more coin purse, then a makeup, THEN a weekender (probably in a Fall '08 color)
  2. I really need (yes, need!) a makeup clutch. then maybe a GH envelope clutch and a weekender. it never ends!
  3. Mini twig;

    New HG color for me: 04 lt turq in a twiggy or city!
  4. a Black Day and Black Money :heart:
  5. A Jaune MU, black city, anthra work, & a purple fall step or city bag (amethyst or sapphire maybe?) Ahhh these bags are addicting!
  6. Today I ordered a 07 black GGH envelope clutch; headed to NYC next weekend- we'll see if I bring anything home! I think I would like a day bag with GH.....
  7. I can hardly wait...dying for a turq first and cp
  8. I think my next purchases will be a couple of coin purses, an MU, and maybe a black day. Other than that, I think I'm waiting until f/w 08 (which is going to be a very expensive season for me :sweatdrop:)
  9. ^^ Me too. I loved almost every color on the list. I'm soooo nervous .....
  10. I have an Anthra Hobo on it's way to me, but after that I think I'll probably be done until f/w - I'm actually fairly content right now (how did that happen :shrugs:)?!?!

    [​IMG] Anthra GH Hobo_BalNY_3.jpg [​IMG]
  11. I really need to slow down my buying ... I have an Ink City, Violet City and Sky Blue CP coming.

    I am hoping to luck out and find an 05 Chocolate City and 05 Caramel City and I would love to find some MU's and CP's in fun, bright colours.
  12. i don't know.. i drive myself crazy thinking about it... and I've decided i'm gonna let my next bag FIND ME!!

    I think i want a bright colored brief, and a darker city/work.. i dunno :thinking:
  13. i'm waiting for a turquoise MU when they come out..:wlae:
  14. Well, my NEXT popped up unexpectedly and so I jumped on it. I wanted an 05 WORK next- ideally black, but I picked up a choco work that will be arriving in less than 2 hours if all goes well.:happydance: I'm at 7 bals now, and that's really my limit. With the work coming, I'll be at 8, so I'm thinking about weeding out one or two. I still want an 05 black something- if I love my choco work, then a black work. But I'm also really tempted by a black day.

    And yet there are so many other bags calling out to me- ivory day, ivory first, 05 black first, vert fonce...and then f/w 08- I'm a little scared for those to come out!! I think I just need to plug my ears and block out the siren call of that gorgeous bal leather for a while. :ban:
  15. I just bought 3 bags in a week, so I'm hoping to keep it lowkey for now. I want probably 2 more coin purses and possibly another MU in addition to what I have, colors undetermined as of now, definitely a weekender, still debating between Pale Magenta and Amethyst - would love a beautiful PM like Antubella's but if Amethyst is really like the LE Madge, might lean towards that - then definitely an Argent Step or City, and some other things from 08 probably. Eeeep!