whats next??? PLEASE help me!!!


Whats next??? PLEASE help me!!!

  1. Epi Black Pochette

  2. Monogram Pochette

  3. Vernis Reade PM

  4. Monogram Batignolles (H)

  5. MC Black Wapity

  6. Other...???

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  1. hey PF girls/ladies
    i'm looking at buying my next bag... which will be LV!!! :amuse:
    please help me!!! Because i know you girls/ladies always have the BEST advice and suggestions!!! :amuse:

    i'm looking at the following LV bags/accessories...
    - Epi Black Pochette
    - Monogram Pochette
    - Vernis Reade PM (cant decide what colour though)
    - Monogram Batignolles Horitzonal
    - MC Black Wapity (hehehe, thanks to the Wapity thread)

    OR - what would you suggest??? some of you guys have grown to known me so please suggest something!!!! :amuse: anything LV would be great...
  2. you should get the Monogram Batignolles Horitzonal because i think you would get alot of use out of it.
  3. Definately! It is a fabulous bag. I use it the most out of all of my bags.
  4. I say Vernis but you have to be sure you're not going to be scared taking it out. If you are hesitant about that, go for the BH.
  5. I have the reade in raspberry, very fun color for summer! I also love my white MC wapity, the strap makes it very easy to carry. It is soooo hard to choose, GOOD LVCK!
  6. I voted for the BH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: I got it almost a month ago...and I still can't keep my eyes off it! It's so functional (love that), and beautiful as well....roomy!! :heart: it!!!!!!!!
  7. If the BH isn't big enough for you get the Cabas Mezzo. Have you tried a messenger bag? The Tulum GM is great.
  8. I vote for BH !! I want one in damier..
  9. I voted for the BH. I love mine:love: .
  10. I voted for the Wapity. It seems during the summer there's not much to carry and it's so useful when you're just out doing some light shopping.
  11. i voted for the monogram batignolles moritzonal. i think it's a great bag! :yes: :biggrin:
  12. i vote for the BH. i have one and love mine to pieces.
  13. I'd get the Vernis Reade PM in red-so chic...wait tho, the Monogram Batignolles is pretty fab too...no wonder you're having a problem deciding:rolleyes:
  14. Vernis reade...it'll be nice for the summer! its SUCH a cute bag! I think you should go for a bag more than an accessory.
    GOOD LUCK in your search!
  15. i picked the vernis reade in framboise