What's next Pampellone or brentwood?


Which one should I get?

  1. Vernis Brentwood, perle

  2. Pampellone GM, Azur

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Decisions? Decisions?

    Vernis brentwood, perle




    The brentwood would look so cute with the red heart....but I love the papellone, too and the GM comes with a cute little pouch too!
  2. I voted for the Brentwood. I'm getting my first Vernis bag soon, & I'm really into the look. I think the Brentwood would be easier to care for. The white rope handles on the Azur would be difficult to keep. However (as Irene said), if you have a yacht, then get the Azur. Seriously, they are both beautiful.
  3. I saw the large pampellone in real life and it's HUGE! I hope the one you're getting is more everyday tote size.. Anyway, it's gorgeous, I vote azur!
  4. pampellone!
    but i think perle is getting discontinued soon...?
    so maybe if you can.. get BOTH!!
  5. I vote azur, seems to be a more everyday bag to me.
  6. The Brentwood..........shiny, shiny!
  7. I like the pampellone.
  8. Pampellone seems like the perfect way to welcome spring and summer :biggrin:
  9. Pampellone
  10. the Pampellone is HUGE :wtf:. i saw it in the store in Toronto, and it was uncomfortably big. the Brentwood is a much more practical size, and i love the Perle color
  11. Pampellone!
  12. I like the Pampellone but it's really big and you can see right inside. If you're going with the smaller one, I'd get the Pampellone for sure but if you're considering the HUGE one, I'd get the Brentwood instead.
  13. Hmmmmm, I think you know how I voted. ;)
    The red heart will look great on the Pampellone, I wish I had put my name down earlier :sad:
    The GM is hugenormosly large though, but the pochette is suprizingly slim? I wonder why the pochette is flat, but it's a gorgeous bag though. I love my PM, it is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge & heavy but so stunning that I really don't care.
    Could you have picked to more different bags?? :lol:
  14. Taco, does the PM come with the pouch too? I tried to ask the 866 line, but you know how helpful they are ;)
  15. Nope :cursing:
    Had to get the pochette my own damn self. The size was what made me go with the "little" one but I wanted that free [if flat] pochette.