What's next???? Opinions please :)


Which color would you choose for 35 Birkin

  1. Cafe

  2. Havanne

  3. Orange

  4. Noisette

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have decided my next Hermes handbag will be a 35 Birkin in Bleu Jean w/ Palladium HW, but..... I will also be needing a 35 Birkin to wear with the brown/khaki color family. That's where your opinions come in.
    Please vote in the poll and feel free to post the reason why you choose the color you voted for.
    Thanks Y'all :smile:
  2. Ah Penny- My vote is for the Noisette:yes::heart:
    That is going to be my February Podium order in a 30cm. Love the color and you don't see many of them in that color. Something different!!
  3. Cafe gets my vote. I like the richness and darkness of brown in Cafe.
  4. Hi PennyD2911! I vote for havanne!
  5. Penny - faaaaar be it for me to UNenable :shocked:

    But I love my BJ with the brown family. I think chocolate and blue look great together. Have I worn it with khakis? Yup :yes: Love that too.

    You'll be surprised how neutral BJ can be I'm sure.

    So, in a sign of ultimate restraint, I haven't voted ;)
  6. I voted Havanne since it´s divine
  7. Any color sounds great with Browns. I like Cafe
  8. I love Café.
  9. I love Noisette. It is almost exactly the same color as natural Barenia.
    I know it comes in Box.
    What other leathers are offered in Noisette?
  10. orange it goes with everything and can go from elegant to sporty with no problems also it is just gorgeous
  11. Havanne got my vote. This color is rich and classic and gives a special touch to any outfit in brown/khaki color family, even navy or black. Just look at sunglasses/eyeglasses frames in havanne - they go beautifully with many outfits making ther whole ensemble look :tup::okay:
  12. I agree with MrsSparkles. Cafe got my vote. I love Havanne accessories but I always prefer a 'true' brown to a 'reddish' brown. Cafe also seems neutral enough to wear with many colors.
  13. cafe is the yummiest color! not a fan of havanne...
  14. i agree..........cafe is like dark chocolate--Havane is too red
  15. Cafe: gorgeous, rich dark brown