What's next on your radar???

  1. Not orders you've already placed, but either new ones you are considering, a hard-to-find vintage piece, or a general "want" to add to your collection.

    For me, I have 3 things I am contemplating at the moment (of course, this changes weekly if not daily - LOL!):p

    1) 32cm Sellier Kelly - unsure of the color/leather/HW at the moment
    2) 32cm HAC black box PH *or* 35cm Birkin black box PH
    3) Finally, I can't believe I am saying this, but a smaller bag to throw a wallet, glasses, and cell phone in a GO! I NEVER want smaller bags but maybe a leather GP would do the trick here

    What about you???
  2. AL--Choice #2 would be fantastic (in either the Birkin or HAC). ;)
  3. AL: I think my list is going to be a long one. LOL ... The "want" list is never gonna end for Hermes :p but I can settle for:

    1. Birkin 30 Rouge H (in Chamonix, Box, Chevre leather) with white stitching & PH
    2. Birkin 25 in Black Box leather with PH
    3. Kelly Longue in Black Box leather with PH
  4. My SO and that's it for the year!!!
  5. I'm just getting started, so here are mine:
    1) 34 cm clemence Lindy
    2) GM black clemence, PH Evelyne
    3) gold togo 35cm Birkin, PHW (maybe w/ white contrast stitching?)
    4) sellier Kelly, open to a bunch of colors
  6. Hi sweetie. With only 43 days to go, you are nearly there. I can't wait to meet your baby boy:heart: . The black box HAC or birkin would be a perfect push present!!! I do have a weakness for black box.

    Here's my little wish list:
    - mini 15cm or 20cm Black Box Kelly
    - Evergrain or Clemence Massai colour undecided
    - Rouge H or Graphite white topstitch 32cm HAC or kelly leather undecided
    - plus at least one "La Glorie De La Cuisine Francaise" scarf
  7. Aww, thanks! And I think Dh needs an anonymous note in RE: to that last line!:p
  8. I think I'm about done with the bags until orders come in, but am thinking about a smaller zip agenda for next year and an Early America cashmere shawl for winter.
  9. 1) 30 cm fuchsia ostrich Birkin with gold hw (may consider for my big 3-0 next year)
    2) 28 cm orange ostrich Kelly with gold hw
    3) JPG etoupe Birkin with palladium hw (another VB inspiration)
    4) black or braise 32 cm alligator Kelly
  10. You know, I really love this combo. I personally can't pull off a JPG Birkin (sooo wish I could!) but this combination is really, really gorgeous!
  11. 1) Kelly longue or JPG Kelly pochette in a smooth leather
    2) 35 Birkin in a smooth leather, something stiff preferably
    3) 31 Bolide, rigide
    4) Evergrain Masai PM

    (what I really want is a 35 Birkin w/PH in black box or indigo Barenia, neither is happening anytime soon...)
  12. It truly is gorgeous. I actually got to see this bag IRL, in this combo. I was at the car wash, and while I was waiting for my car, a woman who was waiting for her car had this bag! Needless to say, I was staring at it, distracted from talking to my friend who was with me. I had my bj Birkin with me, so she was staring at that! Imagine the scene:wtf::upsidedown:
  13. I have 3 things on my 2008 list...
    Picotin MM Rouge Garance Clemence
    Bolide 27cm Vert Anis Chevre
    Kelly 28cm Sellier Noisette GHW
  14. Next on my radar is a wallet! A Dogon but not sure which color...:upsidedown:
  15. Next on my radar is a 30cm Blue Jean Birkin in Togo! It has haunted me for forever, and I just can't take it much more!

    Then, I am going to want:
    Rouge H Box or Chamonix Birkin or Kelly with PH
    Black Box Birkin with GH
    And one day I hope to get a croc Kelly Pochette! DREAM!

    The list could go on and on and on, but I figure this is a good start!