What's next on your list? Me- I need accessories!!

  1. OK, so right now I have a Black First, a Black Day and a Truffle Purse. I am going to do my best to refrain from buying any more bags for a long time! However, I do need some accessories :yes:

    Oh, I have a dark brown coin purse- I think that's the name of it- it's a small wallet with a mirror. Very cute. However, I need some COLOR. I'm on the search for something cute and bright- like a makeup clutch. I am planning on going to BalNY on Friday so I will check out their stash. I've searched online and can't seem to find anything being sold right now.

    So, what's on your list?
  2. Makeup clutches!
  3. I also want to add some more accessories to my collection, especially small 'coin purses' in bright colors .... and I hope to find my HG again: an eggplant purse :drool: ;) :yes: :heart:

    I wish you best of luck to find your additions too :yes:
  4. I LOVE accessories! I am getting a Violet and Jaune makeup from hgbags! I also want a few more coin purses and the new flap clutch coming out.
  5. I also kind of like the idea of a makeup clutch... I may look into the brighter colors of those when the new colors come out... (Mmmm, Ocean in a makeup clutch!!)

    Also, I am getting ready to go on hold for a while too... I've got to figure out what my next bag or bags will be, and then I'm on break for a while so that I can enjoy all of them!! I am thinking either a brown (Truffle or Cafe) or a burgundy (Grenat or Tabac) bag.... And then I should be complete for a while...

    Notice the use of the word *should*.... ;)
  6. I ordered a violet make-up as well. I am definitely on the hunt for accessories and can't wait to get my wallet. I pre-ordered a flap clutch from BalNY - I'm looking forward to something a bit different in my collection.
  7. I think I want a magenta and/or eggplant make up:love:

    And in fall I will be on the hunt for a Purse in Eggplant, Bubbelgum or Cornflower :heart:
  8. I'm hunting for accessories as well esp bright colors for coin purses or mini mini coin purses too (such as marigold, 05 turquoise, 04 eggplant, rouge, etc). As well make-up clutches, such as 04 rouge & 04 grey. If can, i'm also searchin for 04 black flat clutch or in satin flat clutch........:smile:
  9. I also orderd a Violet Make Up Cluthc from hgbags!
    I'm thinking of either another make up(in addition to the Violet I'm getting) or toilet case to organize my bag.

    Only if Balenciaga came out with Traveller in RH.....:sad: Oh, well. You never know....they might do that next season!

    As for bags, I'm on a major purse ban.....but Ocean, Rouge, and Mastic sound sooo intriguing.......I'm in trouble!:nuts:
  10. a coin purse and a makeup clutch
  11. Believe it or not I am satisfied for the moment after finding my HG. I am on the waitlist for a violet city w/ rh. It is good to be content, I need to enjoy this feeling for a while, I'm quite blissed out.
  12. I would really love a toilet case in a bright color. I'm hoping someone orders them in rouille or jaune. I am also on the hunt for an oval clutch.

    Bagwise, I would love a day bag in plomb and mastic and a brief in anthracite. Also a courier, matelasse, and flat messenger. Too many bags, not enough money.
  13. I've also ordered the mu clutch in violet but I want more. I want to find some coin purses as well. I called BalNY today to get an aqua coin purse b/c ICB's thread mentioned they had one but it's gone. Oh well, lots of lovely colors are coming out.
  14. I want another make-up.

    I am wanting a weekender!!! I want rouge vif!!! If anyone has seen one at the stores please let me know!
  15. An Aqua money wallet and a make-up clutch (not sure what color until I see what they have at BalNY tomorrow) Does anybody have the secret code to the back room?!?!? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: